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Online Learning Opportunities for CAD/CAM Dentists in the COVID Era


Axsys Dental Solutions

Online Learning Opportunities for CAD/CAM Dentists in the COVID Era

Axsys offers distance learning including mini-classes, workshops, and instructor-led, internet-based trainings to support skill development and remote education for dentists

As we gradually grow more comfortable with how life has changed this year, it has become clearer that remote learning is here to stay. And that’s a good thing for those who appreciate the ability to learn on their own schedule—whenever and wherever they’d like. For dental professionals, this is an ideal time to become more familiar or just plain better at certain areas of dentistry, such as CAD/CAM.

Axsys Virtual Academy A leading manufacturer in CAD/CAM dentistry, Axsys Dental Solutions has recently expanded its training opportunities with world-class remote learning. The Axsys Virtual Academy features online, instructor-led mini classes on essential design and machining strategies for those new to CAD/CAM dentistry or those looking to increase their current skills. With a curriculum of feature-specific training in a condensed, easy-to-follow format, these mini classes support dental professionals who are interested in learning remotely from their homes or offices. Many of the classes utilize Mastercam software (provided free to the dentist for learning purposes) but the learnings and strategies are applicable to any and every CAD/CAM software on the market.

Designed to provide participants with an immediate ROI, these classes run twice a week, are only 90 minutes in length, and include topics such as design basics, stock models, work coordinate systems, tool libraries, and CAM software system administration, among others.

Expert Assistance

Another Axsys Virtual Academy program, Power Assist, provides training for new users without the rigid schedule and travel requirements of a formal, face-to-face training facility—an appealing opportunity in the wake of COVID-19. Students enrolled in the Mastercam Mill 2D Power Assist program receive access to online Mastercam University training to learn Mastercam at their own pace. The program features 4 specific break points defined during the 12-lesson curriculum to have one-on-one web sessions with a senior Axsys instructor. Each Power Assist course comes with a free download of Mastercam Demo/Home Learning Edition, which allows users to design and program parts while exploring the functionality of the world’s leading CAD/CAM.

Call 284-417-7067 to speak with a training specialist about a free 1-year subscription to the Axsys Virtual Academy Workshops.

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