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Ensure Patient and Clinician Safety with Top-Quality Products from Richmond


Ensure Patient and Clinician Safety with Top-Quality Products from Richmond

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of U.S. households had most likely never heard of the acronym PPE (personal protective equipment) and probably didn’t think twice about the role of face masks in preventing infection. But PPE and infection control have always been a top priority for those in the dental profession. While PPE like face masks, shields, gloves, and gowns, are of the utmost importance, what about the smaller items used in the dental operatory like sponges and cotton rolls? These products also play a role in infection control and need to be FDA registered and provided by a trusted manufacturer.

Richmond Dental & Medical ensures patient and clinician safety with their top-quality products such as SteriPocket pre-sterilized sponges, made-in-the-USA cotton rolls, and face masks. Many Richmond products come from U.S. grown cotton, purified and manufactured in North Carolina. Richmond’s 125-year commitment to quality and safety should provide peace of mind during these uncertain times.

Path-o-guard face masks from Richmond Dental Face Masks

According to Steven LeBeau, DDS, “every patient breathes biohazardous material our way, so we need protection while being comfortable.” Richmond’s Path-O-Guard Level III Earloop Face Masks ensure protection and comfort without sacrificing breathability. With a bacterial filtration efficiency of ≥98%, Path-O-Guard masks meet current ASTM-2100 standards for Level 3 surgical face masks. These made-in-the-USA, disposable face masks may be worn under a face shield or over the N95 mask for added protection against the COVID-19 virus. Path-O-Guard masks provide comfort, filtration, and excellent breathability during exams.

Single-Use Operatory Products

Braided cotton rolls from richmond dental Made from purified, medical-grade, USA-grown cotton, Richmond’s Braided Cotton Rolls wick away moisture without sticking to the mucosa, providing a dry field for clinicians and improved comfort for the patient. Available in 4 different lengths (¾, 1 ½, 4, & 6 inches),

Richmond offers a sterile standard size braided roll, as well as 1½-inch braided and wrapped rolls, which can be autoclaved in Richmond’s infection control dispenser, keeping the rolls sterile until use. Check out the DPS product evaluation of Richmond’s braided rolls, which earned a DPS Best Product award.

steripocket from richard dentalDesigned to make the lives of dental professionals easier - and to enhance the overall patient experience – Richmond’s SteriPocket Sponges are perfect for patients to take home after an extraction or other dental procedure. The pre-sterilized sponges remain sterile until the patient is ready to use them.

As the U.S. gradually adjusts to the post-pandemic new normal and dental practices slowly reopen, patients will be watching like hawks to ensure their safety during dental visits. Let Richmond Dental & Medical’s made-in-the-USA face masks and sterile operatory products help provide the reassurance that patients – and clinicians – need.

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