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PDT’s Amazing Gracey and Montana Jack Ensure a Comfortable Experience for Patient and Clinician


PDT’s Amazing Gracey and Montana Jack Ensure a Comfortable Experience for Patient and Clinician

Paradise Dental Technologies

When I hear the word ‘paradise’, I envision myself lounging on a white sandy beach beside the aqua blue ocean with a fruity cocktail in my hand humming along with Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. While that would be my perfect day, we all have different hopes and dreams and unique visions of paradise, which typically have nothing to do with dentistry.

However, one dental manufacturer is determined to offer paradise to dental practitioners and their patients by providing the finest possible products available in the dental marketplace. Simply put, Paradise Dental Technologies (PDT) believes that using their products “should be paradise,” and they designed their instruments with that concept in mind.

PDT’s dental scalers and curettes are built with ideally weighted, solid resin handles to reduce hand fatigue and improve ergonomics. The handles are anatomically color coded for faster recognition and setup. For example, instruments for the anterior region have purple handles, and those for pre-molars are black.

Thanks to an innovative heat treatment and cryogenic process, the tips and blades are hard and durable and retain their sharp edge for a long time. Because they can be resharpened, the blades last 2 to 7 times longer than other instruments, according to PDT. Their signature instruments, scalers and curettes such as Amazing Gracey and Montana Jack, have become synonymous with ergonomics, efficiency, and patient comfort.

Amazing Gracey Scalers & CurettesAmazing Gracey Scalers & Curettes

One of PDT’s signature instruments is the lightweight Amazing Gracey line of curettes and scalers, which are designed with a blade curvature that adapts to the tooth surface, reducing the number of strokes necessary during a procedure. As a result of this adaptation, patients are more comfortable, clinicians experience less hand fatigue and stress, and procedures are more efficient with reduced chair time.

“A hygienist equipped with the proper instruments feels empowered,” shared Brenda Buergi, a dental hygienist in Wisconsin. Referring to PDT’s instruments, she said, “It is a great feeling to have scalers that I can be confident can do the job properly.” With the ideal blade size, angulation, curvature, and balance, Amazing Graceys give patients and clinicians the best experience possible, says PDT.

Check out this video of the Amazing Gracey in action.

Montana Jack ScalerMontana Jack Scaler

Another one of PDT’s signature instruments, the Montana Jack, features a thin, durable sickle blade with a contra-angle for versatile adaptation and easy interproximal access with minimal tissue trauma. The design of the Montana Jack allows clinicians to maintain good wrist positioning in both the posterior and anterior, improving ergonomics.

“These scalers have improved my ergonomics because of the handle width, weight, sharpness of scaler, and the shape of the blade,” shared Lynn Southerland, a hygienist who was impressed with PDT’s scalers. “They improved my speed and ergonomics and reduced my stress level,” she added. “I am extremely happy with the scalers. They are an answer to my prayer.”

Adept at removing stubborn calculus and cement, the Montana Jack has earned a reputation as the go-to instrument for dentists and hygienists worldwide, according to PDT.

In this video, find out why hygienists can’t live without Montana Jack.


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