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Perfect Color Matching, Happier Patients


When it comes to choosing a restorative material, resin composites tend to win patients over with their attractive, tooth-mimicking esthetics. But just how indistinguishable are composite restorations from natural dentition? For most composites, the answer usually varies. The majority of composite materials obtain their color from dyes and pigments and are thus limited to a set range of VITA shades. Even in the hands of a skilled clinician, color matching can be a tedious exercise and sometimes produce less than ideal results.

With its latest universal composite, OMNICHROMA®, Tokuyama Dental America has revolutionized color matching and, in turn, the patient experience. OMNICHROMA utilizes the award-winning dental solutions provider’s Smart Chromatic Technology, an innovation 35 years in the making. Rather than adding chemical dyes or pigments to the composite, Tokuyama’s technology employs structural color to imbue OMNICHROMA with the ability to match any shade in the VITA classical family and beyond. OMNICHROMA empowers practitioners to exceed patient expectations and effortlessly deliver natural results with every restoration. 

Dr. Kevin Brown of Jensen & Brown, DDS in Bellevue, WA has used OMNICHROMA to consistently create exceptional restorations across a diverse range of indications. He states, “For posterior teeth, it is very convenient to not even think about color selection and get the filling(s) done quickly. For anterior teeth, I love watching OMNICHROMA blend in perfectly every time with a Class III or Class V restoration.” When combined with OMNICHROMA BLOCKER, a supplementary material, OMNICHROMA can also be used to great effect on more challenging Class IV restorations. As Dr. Brown explains, “The OMNICHROMA BLOCKER does a really good job masking the hard incisal edge and helps blend the top layer of OMNICHROMA in with the rest of the tooth.”

A product of its spherical filler composition, OMNICHROMA’s unique Smart Chromatic Technology perfects color matching, leading to more reliable restorations and increased patient satisfaction. Dr. Brown explains, “In both the posterior and anterior, OMNICHROMA is able to blend in with the tooth to which it is bonded and will continue to blend in over time, even if the patient decides to bleach their teeth later on. This aspect of long-term color matching is a huge hit with the patients, especially in the anterior segment.” The technology even makes patients rethink their existing restorations, as Dr. Brown reports, “Many patients are asking to have their old stained Class III anterior composites replaced with OMNICHROMA.”

With OMNICHROMA’s uncanny ability to produce long-lasting, precisely color-matched restorations, patients are sure to leave your office impressed and happy.

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