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Speed Up Your Polishing Game with a Simple, Two-Step System


Speed Up Your Polishing Game with a Simple, Two-Step System

Perhaps now more than ever, single-patient-use products like burs and polishers are a good choice to help prevent cross-contamination between patients keep everyone in the operatory safe. While Microcopy has been at the forefront of dentistry’s single-patient-use movement for over 50 years, its NeoShine polishing system offers much more than increased infection control.

Neoshine with packaging

Mini polishers that provide an ideal fit into pits, fissures, and tooth anatomy, NeoShine cups and points are designed to create the highest shine on composite, metal, and zirconia by offering a simple, two-step system that quickly removes striations and creates mirror-like luster. To make things simple, a unique color ID system organizes the sterile polishers by materials and steps so there’s no confusion as to which cup or point should be used.

The NeoShine zirconia polishing system was recently put to the test by a group of DPS evaluators, who together deemed it a DPS Best Product and gave high praise to the polishers’ easy access, unique color ID system, and high glossiness.


Here are 3 reasons to start polishing with this game-changing technique, told through the eyes of clinicians who evaluated the NeoShine zirconia polishing system:


1. Simple Two-Step Process

When attached to a slow-speed handpiece, the Step 1 mini cup or point removes striations and scratches left by the diamond during adjustment, while the Step 2 cup or point creates a glossy, shiny surface on zirconia, composite, or metal restorations.

Dr. Josh Howard, who confessed to searching for a product like NeoShine for years, called the two-step process an instant game-changer, adding, ““NeoShine was able to provide a mirror-like gloss to the zirconia surface in about two minutes and using only two polishers. Amazing!”

neoshine polishers

2. Color-Coded Packaging

The cups and points in the NeoShine system use a color ID system that organizes them by materials and steps. For example, NeoShine zirconia polishers are magenta, but Step 1 cups and points are dark magenta, while Step 2 polishers are light magenta.

In fact, when asked to rate how clear the NeoShine packet label information was, DPS evaluators awarded their highest score. “The two-step delivery system is clearly labeled, and the packages are easily opened with a simple tear,” said Dr. John Horn.

3. Speed and Efficiency

Adam Beno, DMD, was pleasantly surprised that, in some cases, the Step 2 polisher was not required. “Even after using the first polisher, a very smooth finish was achieved,” he shared, adding that he was able to use one cup or point to polish several teeth on the same patient.

The ability of NeoShine cups and points to quickly polish zirconia crowns to a high shine has made a significant impact on Dr. Howard’s bottom line. “By reducing polishing time, we shave precious minutes from each zirconia restorative appointment, which makes our chair time more efficient and saves the practice money in the long run,” he said.

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