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Leave Cleaning and Polishing to the PRO


Prophy Paste PRO Saves Chair Time

When dental products can take on more than one task, their value in the exam room can go up exponentially.

Take Directa Dental’s Prophy Paste PRO -it can both clean and polish. The prophylaxis formula starts out coarse for cleaning and then breaks down into fine particles ideal for polishing.

You may be familiar with the niche products in the popular Prophy Paste line, all categorized by color: blue, red, green and yellow, and deliver consistent, reliable results, whether the indication is for routine cleaning or for implant maintenance. The coarsest, Prophy Paste Blue, for instance, has an RDA of 250 and uses pumice as an abrasive and works as a starter. Prophy Paste Yellow, at the other end of the spectrum, has an RDA of 40 and meanwhile delivers as a silica-based polisher. 

Prophy Paste Pro on GloveHowever, Prophy Paste PRO in the lilac tube is a universal that can serve a multitude of these niche purposes—including the one of saving you chair time.

It can be your go-to as a starter, discolored teeth, root surfaces, fillings, implants and more. It’s even safe to use for pediatric cases, and contains fluoride, which aids in remineralizing enamel.

The paste starts out as a cleaner with an RDA of 20 that delivers effective stain removal. It converts into gentle polishing, with an RDA of 5, once the particles are fully fragmented.

The paste has .1 percent fluoride, which can help prevent the development of caries, and castor oil, which aids in oral lubrication, but has a mild mint taste that patients will appreciate. The formula does not splatter, dry out, liquify or separate. It also contains a desensitizing agent to occlude dentine tubules and relieve hypersensitivity, and it can be used with chlorhexidine.

Prophy Paste PRO is conveniently available in tubes or single-dose packages.

Single doseTo easily and effectively apply the paste, try a ProphyCare Prophy Angle. Each individually wrapped single-use angle and attached rubber cup minimizes infection risk and reduces handpiece maintenance. The angle’s interior web design minimizes splatter and increases friction to facilitate stain removal, while the angle’s outer ridges also optimize interproximal cleaning. Plus, the design enhances visibility into the mouth.


Learn more about Prophy Paste PRO or the ProphyCare Prophy Angle

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