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One-step etchant and cleanser that creates strong and predictable restorative outcomes free of microleakage, debonding, or postop sensitivity

Find out why Dr. Michael A. Miyasaki believes that Vista Apex's Purify+:


• Is a better alternative to phosphoric acid with convenient one-step cleaning and etching
• Provides peace of mind prior to bonding that enamel is properly etched, the tooth surface is disinfected, and dentinal tubules are sealed


Purify+ in a syringe from Vista Dental Much like not cleaning a wound thoroughly before placing a bandage over it, there is inherent danger in leaving contaminants on a tooth surface before bonding. The prepared tooth can be thoroughly contaminated by handpiece oil, bacteria, blood, saliva, and even temporary cement or optical scanner spray. Leaving these contaminants on the tooth can cause marginal leakage, sensitivity, or debonding—any (or all) of which can lead to restoration failure.


While managing these issues can certainly create headaches for clinicians, there is a way to avoid the pain. Using a solution prior to bonding such as Vista Apex's Purify+ is a simple way to ensure a successful restoration that is free of microleakage, debonding, or postop sensitivity.


Etch and Disinfect in One Simple Step

Purify+ accomplishes so many things that a clinician needs to accomplish when bonding or cementing that traditional gel etch does not. It enhances etching to create better retention and margins; has antimicrobial properties to disinfect the tooth surface; and seals dentinal tubules to effectively desensitize. Bond strength is often considered to be the Achilles heel of self-etch adhesives, so if you prefer to use a self-etch bonding system, Purify+ will give you a much better bond to the enamel.


I recently put in a 20-unit case of indirect restorations, so I wanted to be sure I had the odds of success stacked in my favor. After removing the temporaries and trying in the restorations, I cleaned everything thoroughly with Purify+ before we bonded in the case. It gave me peace of mind that I had done everything in my power to optimize the outcome and, not surprisingly, the restoration was successful.


I love one-bottle solutions because they offer convenience, help cut down on inventory, and make the technique faster—all while creating much less room for error when compared to multistep systems. By using Purify+, I get all the benefits of a combined product and one-step approach without compromising on performance. It really is the missing link we’ve been looking for in restorative dentistry that will lead to more comfortable patient procedures and stronger, more predictable restorations.


Michael A. Miyasaki, DDS

Dr. Michael A. Miyasaki is a 1987 graduate of the University of the Southern California School of Dentistry. With 3 decades of teaching experience, he enjoys leading live-patient treatment courses, which he does with the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum and Myotronics. His goal is to increase the success of his colleagues and improve outcomes for a lifetime of dental health for their patients.

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