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Put Titanium to the Test


When you’re selecting an extraction instrument, what features are most important to you? A sharp blade that glides into the socket? A durable tool you can rely on? Minimal friction and tissue damage?

You’ll get all of those with the Luxator® Titanium Periotome from Directa Dental. The Luxator Titanium Periotome is ergonomically designed so you can use it for multiple extractions with minimal fatigue. Use this periotome’s fine tapering blades to easily access the periodontal space between bone and tooth, cut off the ligaments and compress the alveolar bone. Plus, because the periotome is curved, you may have better access to loosen a tooth, depending on the patient’s anatomy.

The Luxator Titanium Periotome has a titanium-coated tip, which creates far less friction than a stainless steel option. With titanium, you don’t need to worry about sharpening and you minimize friction and tissue damage. The tool is designed to facilitate placement of direct implants after extraction and quick patient healing.

You can use the Luxator® Titanium Periotome in conjunction the Luxator Forte. The latter tool will elevate the tooth. Be sure not to use the periotome for elevation, as this could injure the patient. You’ll be able to easily tell the difference between the periotome and the Forte when looking at your tools—all of Directa’s periotomes have light-colored handles (i.e., grey, pale blue or pale yellow), while the Forte has a black handle.

The Luxator Titanium Periotome is available in four blade sizes, and each comes with an autoclavable Fixus 1 case.

For more information on this periotome, including a video that demonstrates how best to use the tool, visit

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