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Put Your Dental Seating to Work with Brewer’s New Saddle Stools


Back pain is a common complaint and career-limiting phenomenon in the dental profession. Common treatments for it range from strengthening exercises to physical therapy, massage therapy, and various forms of pain management. Why not avoid all that by letting your dental stool help you build up your core strength over time, and then maintain it for the rest of your career?

Brewer just introduced two new saddle stool styles to its 135 series: the 135JS and the 135AS. These stools feature the same 360° Dynamic Motion technology that is unique to Brewer saddle stool models, designed to allow freedom of movement while strengthening core and back muscles, which can alleviate pain and reduce fatigue. The new design also tilts the pelvis slightly more forward, improving vertebrae and disk alignment, which enhances posture and further reduces strain on the back muscles.

The 360° Dynamic Motion concept entails making the stool seat function similar to one of those big balance balls as “seen on TV,” except in a more stabile way. It “flexes” (but in a very steady way) as you lean forward, backward, and sideways. This engages your core muscles, which would remain passive or stationary in a regular chair. The amount of movement is adjustable, which enables you to gradually increase range of motion as you get used to it, making that muscle “engagement” stronger as you progress in range of motion. Ergonomically speaking, increased core strength results in enhanced comfort, which in turn increases production.  

The range of saddle seats and cylinder heights available enable customization to body size and user preference, including models for users under 5’3”, from 5’3” to 5’11”, and people over 5’11”. You can also order low or standard cylinder heights in the 135AS series, and standard to high cylinder heights in the 135JS series. The 135 series comes in narrow or standard seat, or split-saddle seat designs, all with up to 250 pound weight capacity. The seats are ultra-cushioned, and feature a control ring just below the seat that is used to easily adjust the seat height as well as ramp up or lower the level of dynamic motion. Think of it as a workout at work!

Click here for more information on the 135AS series, and here for details about the 135JS series.

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