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Questions about Abutments? Ask PREAT


Not sure what type of abutment is most appropriate for a particular implant case? PREAT has all the answers, and all the abutments. Here’s a quick primer on your options.

Esthetic abutments: They’re specifically for single tooth implant restorations, come in angulations of 0 to 15°, and can be prepped by the dentist.

UCLA abutments: These abutments are used for cast PFM crowns, cast bridges, or full-mouth cast restorations. They can be non-engaging (for bridges, bars, and multiunit restorations) or engaging (single-tooth restorations).

Ti-base abutments: Zirconia and all-ceramic crowns led to the development of these abutments. They act as an intermediary between the ceramic crowns and the implant to retain the restoration.

Multi-unit abutments: The non-engaging prosthetic table on these tissue extension abutments allows draw between angled abutments. Raising the restorative area above the gingiva, the restoration is easier for the dentist and less traumatic for the patient.

Watch this video to learn more about abutments, and click here to see what PREAT has to offer.

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