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Reduce Aerosols with ‘Smart’ Technology


Reduce Aerosols with ‘Smart’ Technology

Enhancing safety protocols to protect patients from contracting COVID-19 remains top of mind for clinicians. To help dental professionals navigate these safety challenges, the American Dental Association recently released updated guidance specific to vacuum usage.

Compressed air and suction have long been essential elements in providing patient care, and now the ADA is highlighting their role in helping protect everyone in the treatment room from aerosols, moisture and cross-contamination. In a recent webinar on aerosol and the transmission of coronavirus, Return to Work Interim Guidance Toolkit,  the ADA recommends that dentists use high-velocity evacuation whenever possible with the specific goal of reducing COVID-19 risk from aerosols.

Ramvac Dental Room Vacuum According to the ADA, for maximum benefit, air would flow from a vent behind the head of the patient, where aerosols are produced, down to a filter at the patient's feet. Clinicians would stand alongside the patient outside of the airflow pattern. However, because not every operatory is conducive to that arrangement, high-volume evacuators, which can reduce aerosols by up to 93% are important.

If your current vacuum system can’t meet this aerosol-reduction standard, you may want to consider investing in a new system that better protects you, your staff, and your patients. One choice that achieves this goal is DENTALEZ’s line of Aeras Ramvac vacuums, which turns your utility room into a ‘smart’ utility room. Aeras is the only utility product that connects the utility room with 24/7 monitoring from a service provider, giving you peace of mind that your equipment is working as it should.

Available in 4 different sizes, the Aeras vacuum system is a true practice workhorse that produces cleaner, dryer air. A dual-desiccant setup produces an uninterrupted supply of clean air, and air is stored at a temperature cold enough to inhibit bacteria growth. Because air particulates are filtered to 0.01 microns, airborne bacteria and microbes are trapped and whisked away from the operatory.

Aeras Ramvac
What else makes the Aeras vacuum a solid choice? It’s lubricated and built with a rotary vane pump—both of which are key to extending the lifespan of the system. Plus, it runs at a sound level that allows you to easily talk with patients and colleagues while it runs. The unit adds consistency and reliability to your practice, but it won’t add to your utility bills. It runs at a minimum of 50% less BTUs than competitive technology, and because the system is 100% water free, you’ll see a water bill savings if your current system is water-based.

It’s not just the hardware that makes the vacuum special, it’s also the software. Smart technology helps ensures the machine is always up and running when you need it. Plus, it connects to the cloud for anytime system access, so you can schedule shutdowns to save energy and power it up from anywhere. With a subscription to the support service, both DENTALEZ and your dental practice will receive maintenance notifications, and if you encounter an issue, you can receive help from a technician remotely. This service model not only reduces unnecessary downtime, but it gives dentists what they need most right now, peace of mind.

For COVID-19 resources from the ADA, visit the ADA Coronavirus (COVID-19) Center for Dentists. To learn more about DENTALEZ’s Aeras vacuum systems, watch this Dental Product Shopper video and visit DENTALEZ’s website.

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