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How One Maryland Dentist Reduced Post-Op Sensitivity and Increased Patient Trust


How One Maryland Dentist Reduced Post-Op Sensitivity and Increased Patient Trust

Lime-Lite enhaced light cure cavity liner from pulpdentIf there’s one thing busy dentists know, it’s that their everyday, go-to restorative products need to work quickly, and they just need to work, period. Lack of adhesion, patient sensitivity, and failed restorations simply aren’t options. It’s not just about losing valuable chair time—it’s about losing patient trust. 

Dr. Brittany Bergeron, a solo practitioner in a busy dental practice in Towson, MD, knows this first hand. She once experienced problems with one of her go-to restorative products, her cavity liner and base. She used two different products and noticed both were not adhering to dentin, or they were coming out when rinsing the tooth. Something about these products just wasn’t working, and as a young associate, she was open to finding a new product that would perform better. She turned to Lime-Lite by Pulpdent, a light cure cavity liner and base, and used this product successfully for years before upgrading to the improved Lime-Lite Enhanced.

“I quickly realized that Lime-Lite is superior to other cavity liners on the market in terms of decreasing patient sensitivity, adhering to the tooth surface, and decreasing the likelihood of root canal therapy,” Dr. Bergeron said. “Now I use Lime-Lite Enhanced in my own practice as a base layer in deep preparations under fillings or core build-ups.”

Lime-Lite Enhanced has many desirable qualities dentists look for. It releases calcium, phosphate, and fluoride ions, and is formulated for use with adhesives, composites, and conventional restorative materials. Lime-Lite Enhanced also contains a patented rubberized-resin component that absorbs shock and stress while resisting fracture and chipping. The material sets hard upon light curing, has a dentin shade, and is virtually insoluble in water and oral fluids. It contains no Bisphenol A, no Bis-GMA, and no BPA derivatives. 

For Dr. Bergeron, the best part about Lime-Lite Enhanced is that it’s not very technique sensitive. The syringe provides a delivery method that is simpler and removes the chance of improper mixing that might occur with other products. The product is available in a kit with four 1.2 mL syringes or in a 3 mL syringe. Both configurations come with 20 applicator tips.

“I will sometimes use a different gauge tip to help control the rate at which the material is dispensed for more accurate placement, but that is very case specific,” she added.

Read more in Pulpdent’s instructions for use

Handling and ease-of-use were two immediate benefits of switching to Lime-Lite Enhanced, but over time Dr. Bergeron noticed the positive effects for patients. She saw a “noticeable decrease” in patient sensitivity following deep restorative procedures, which resulted in fewer frequent postoperative visits due to discomfort and ultimately fewer root canals.

Using Lime-Lite Enhanced has also encouraged Dr. Bergeron to communicate with patients more proactively about postoperative sensitivity.

“Patients like to be informed when it comes to their health, and their dental work should be no different,” Dr. Bergeron said.  “At the end of the appointment, I will review the procedure and any complications, and then review the materials that were used. I describe Lime-Lite Enhanced as a protective layer, between the tooth and the filling, intended to decrease sensitivity. Patients love to hear that you took an extra step to make sure they are comfortable after treatment.”

Fewer postoperative follow-ups not only saves her patients time and makes them happier, but also saves the practice money. Dr. Bergeron advises other dentists to not settle for the status-quo in their restorative routines, and to try new products that can make a tangible difference in their practice. When asked about Lime-Lite Enhanced, specifically, Dr. Bergeron says, “Do it! You won’t be disappointed with the results.”  

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