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Without Power Scalers, Hygienists Rely on PDT’s First Line Kits


without power scalers, hygienists rely on PDT’s First Line Kits

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As many dental practices eliminate or reduce power scaling procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic to help prevent spread of the disease, many hygienists who normally use power scalers are turning to hand instruments for heavy debridement procedures. To make this transition successful, dental practices may need to make some adjustments, perhaps changing the length of time for hygiene procedures, having hygienists treat less patients per day to avoid hand and wrist fatigue, or investing in new curettes and scalers that are designed for heavy debridement procedures.

Fine scalers and curettes normally used after power scaling are not necessarily going to cut it (pun intended). Hand instruments must be sturdy enough to tackle heavy debridement, and clinicians need a variety of instruments for different scenarios, which is exactly why Paradise Dental Technologies (PDT) developed their First Line Kits, a set of instruments designed for scaling heavy debridement when power scalers are not available.

PDT Scalers

The First Line Kits feature 2 different instrument setup recommendations to supplement hygiene setups any time a power scaler cannot be used. Each kit features rigid variations of popular PDT instruments like the Montana Jack, Barnhart 1-2, and Amazing Graceys as well as versatile must-haves like the Queen of Hearts.

Two different kits are available - the First Line Kit – Area Specific and the First Line Kit – Universal, with 6 instruments in each kit. The First Line Kit - Area Specific features the R130 Jack B. Nimble, R138R Montana Jack Rigid, R060R Barnhart 1-2 Rigid, R028R Gracey 13-14 Rigid, R030R Gracey 15-16 Rigid, and R144 Queen of Hearts. The First Line Kit – Universal features the R111 H5-33, R138R Montana Jack Rigid, R120 Montana 4-5, R060R Barnhart 1-2 Rigid, R089 Mini Me, and R144 Queen of Hearts. The instruments are stored in a convenient FlipTop cassette with a lift out rack that holds up to 14 instruments, with plenty of room for a mirror, probe, explorer, sharpening stone, and more.

Flip top Cassette

If neither the Area Specific or Universal kit has the exact instruments needed, dental practices can create their own kit by choosing from 13 recommended instruments.

One of those instruments, the multipurpose Queen of Hearts curette, earned a Best Product award from Dental Product Shopper evaluators in 2013. Click here to read the evaluation.


To learn more about PDT’s First Line Kits, please visit PDT’s website or watch this video.

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