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Quality Matters: Richmond Dental Celebrates 125 Years of Excellence


Quality Matters: Richmond Dental Celebrates 125 Years of Excellence

Richmond proudly makes products in USASince its humble beginnings in 1895, Richmond Dental & Medical, a division of Barnhardt Manufacturing Co., is stronger than ever with its top-quality, manufactured-in-the-USA dental products. As a family-owned business, Richmond is committed to quality, which starts with high grades of raw material, primarily USA-grown cotton, and continues with strict control of the cotton manufacturing process, from purification to the final product. Used in medical and dental products, Barnhardt Purified Cotton is manufactured using a proprietary Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) process that contains zero residual chemicals, toxins, or impurities.

By combining superior materials with up-to-date manufacturing techniques in an FDA-registered facility, Richmond Dental & Medical produces excellent products that allow clinicians to provide high quality dentistry to their patients.

Quality in Comfort and Performance

braided cotton rolls from richmond dental One example of Richmond’s commitment to excellence is their absorbent, non-stick Braided Cotton Rolls, which earned a Best Product award in a recent Dental Product Shopper evaluation. For Dr. Byron Davis, a prosthodontist in South Carolina, Richmond’s Braided Cotton Rolls provide “excellent adaptability and great absorption, especially under the tongue.” He also said the cotton rolls were very easy to place and did not stick to tissue, ensuring maximum comfort for his patients.

Another topnotch product, Richmond’s 100% Cotton Pellets also received the honor of a DPS Best Product award for their convenience, range of sizes, and non-sticky, durable construction. "The ready-to-use pellets are convenient and make our treatments go a little faster and smoother,” said Dr. Andrew Chen, a Texas dentist who participated in the evaluation.  Dr. Sage White said everyone in his dental practice loved the pellets. “We used the cotton pellets every day, and they are perfect for our needs. We had no issues with them; they are just excellent pellets!” he shared.

A Leader in Infection Control

Richmond’s commitment to quality extends beyond comfort and performance to superior infection control. Whether it’s flu season or the current coronavirus pandemic, Richmond’s Path-O-Guard face masks ensure that patients and practitioners are protected and comfortable. Meeting current ASTM-2100 standards for Level 3 surgical face masks, Path-O-Guard face masks cover the nose, mouth, and chin for full protection, while the 3-ply spun bound fabric provides comfort, filtration, and excellent breathability.

After 125 years,  Richmond Dental & Medical’s commitment to quality and safety is top priority in their continuous goal to achieve excellence. Check out their website to review the full line of Richmond dental and medical products – from disposables to infection control to endodontic supplies.

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