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Setting Yourself Up for Successful Tissue Management


The foundation of a great restoration is a great impression and the key to a great impression lies in tissue management. When it comes to both taking impressions and seating restorations, adequately retracting gingival tissue and maintaining hemostasis minimizes problems and promotes a positive outcome. By taking several considerations into account, you can set yourself up for successful tissue management, and ultimately, an excellent restorative result.

As with any project, having a clear vision and devising a well-thought-out plan at the outset is highly beneficial to success. For this reason, before prepping, it’s important to fully assess the condition of patient gingiva. You can then design an approach to prep and treatment tailored to these conditions.

While abnormalities in gingival contour and symmetry may impact tooth and restoration aesthetics, poor gingival health can ultimately spell total failure for tissue management and the restorative process. Red, swollen, unhealthy gums are prone to excessive bleeding and make retraction difficult. Ensure that your patient has optimal gum health by prescribing a professional cleaning and at-home care regimen prior to treatment. This creates the best possible conditions for tissue management and an exceptional restoration.

Having an arsenal of tissue management tools on hand also greatly improves your chances at success. As there are a wide variety of situations that clinicians may encounter during any given procedure, a diverse array of aids, both mechanical and chemical, is ideal.

An example toolkit for tissue management could include retraction cords, hydrogen peroxide, cotton pellets, a diode laser and Premier Dental’s Traxodent, a gingival retraction paste which facilitates hemostasis. These can be used separately or combined when necessary to displace gingiva and control bleeding. By having your tools organized and at the ready before a procedure, you are putting yourself in a prime position for tissue management success.

To learn more and purchase Traxodent and other tissue management products, please visit Premier’s website.

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