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Simplify the Shade Selection Process—Even More Than Before


Simplify the Shade Selection Process—Even More Than Before

Managing new patient guidelines, infection control procedures, and equipment and material maintenance requires an organized operatory and inventory. One key task that every clinician wants simplified is shade-matching during direct restorations—but an inventory cluttered with composite shades is time-consuming to sift through. Plus, having a collection of unused materials means additional waste, which, in turn, equals more costs in the long run.

The flagship feature of ZNano Shade-Adaptive Universal Nanocomposite—a zirconia-silica filler containing a light-cured, radiopaque nanocomposite from Zest Dental Solutions—is its ability to streamline the color-matching process and decrease the number of composite materials needed to achieve natural esthetics. The unique material balances the chroma and value of one hue with another, allowing clinicians to recreate the complex topography and optical characteristics of natural teeth.


“It blends well with the tooth shade,” said Dr. Mihaela Popa in her original DPS evaluation of ZNano. “Patients were very happy with the final result. And I liked it because it polishes easily to a high-gloss surface.”

Renewed and Relaunched

Previously evaluated in 2015 as a Danville product, ZNano was relaunched by Zest this year with several new advancements. For example, the material offers 5 adaptive shades rather than 13, further simplifying the shade-matching routine for practices. Along with improved shades, ZNano can now be dispensed in 0.2-g unit dose tips or 4-g syringes for precise and easy sculpting and placement.

“The nonsticky consistency is easy to handle with no tug back,” said Dr. Allan Mohr, who has been using the enhanced version of the nanocomposite for several months.

Along with esthetics and handling, ZNano can be used for a variety of clinical indications, including direct restorations (Classes I to V), composite inlays and onlays, and the reconstruction of anterior or posterior damaged teeth, to name only a few. “I could use the product with any bond system in my practice,” commented Dr. Popa.

Check out the DPS product evaluation update of ZNano here.

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