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Want ‘Smart Technology’ in Your Practice? Start with Your Workhorses


Want ‘Smart Technology’ in Your Practice?  Start with Your Workhorses

From the evolution of the smartphone to the smart home revolution, “smart technology” is simplifying the way we live and streamlining the way we work. When you hear of a smart technology for your practice, you might think of the catch phrase “work smarter, not harder.” You may already know that smart technologies should “talk” to one another, and you may be relying on these technologies to work remotely during the COVID-19 crisis. 

However, if asked to name a smart technology in your regular workplace, the dental operatory, you may be mentally conditioned to think of the most digitally sophisticated technologies, like digital imaging and the CAD/CAM restorative workflow. But what about tools of the trade, like your handpiece? Can they be “smart”, too? 

A dental manufacturer recently provided an excellent definition of what it truly means to have smart technology in your practice.

“Smart technology for the sake of itself isn’t smart at all, but when it can save energy, waste, and reduce unplanned downtime while minimizing disruptions for an increased focus on patients, that’s smart,” said Heather Trombley, president of DENTALEZ. “This added technology allows for easier operation for the dentist, which translates into a better patient experience as soon as they sit in the dental chair.”

DENTALEZ, a company with a more than 100-year history, is revolutionizing what it means for everyday products to be “smart.” They’ve started with the heart and soul of the practice, the dental handpiece and compressor. Their new Aeras platform for these products can collect data, share information, and streamline standard-of-care processes, creating an ecosystem of patient care and practice efficiency that can revolutionize the way you interact with your dental surroundings. As the company describes, “When the tools of your trade can communicate with each other, that’s smart. When they can communicate with you, that’s Aeras.”


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Aeras 500 Elite Air-Driven Handpiece

DENTALEZ's Aeras 500 Elite dental handpieceWith the introduction of the Aeras 500 Elite air-driven handpiece from StarDental, DENTALEZ tells the user to “stop settling for the silent treatment from your handpiece.” This handpiece has embedded RFID technology and, when used in conjunction with a compatible reader, puts a voice to a range of issues before they become problems. For example, handpiece maintenance and sterilization activities can be automated, so you know the last time it visited the autoclave or had a turbine replaced. This patent-pending technology helps reduce an office’s burden by automating recordkeeping.  

Aside from smart technology, the Aeras 500 Elite has many desirable features to bolster procedural confidence. At the forefront is industry-leading 39 W of cutting power, which is 30% more powerful than any other manufacturer, according to the company, and allows the handpiece to cut through the latest high-strength ceramics, all with the traditional benefits of air-driven handpieces. It won’t generate excessive heat the way an electric system can and provides excellent control.  

While the Aeras 500 Elite debuts a new and modern shape, it comes in a familiar package, featuring a compact head and balanced, lightweight design with greater in-hand stability that helps to minimize effort and fatigue. Additionally, the cool-spectrum LED illumination technology allows for enhanced visibility and easy navigation in the oral cavity. The multi-port spray keeps the bur cool while whisking away debris, and the push-button chuck system is designed to be user-friendly for hands of all sizes.

Additionally, DentalEZ has designed the Aeras 500 Elite handpiece with maintenance in mind. Users can maintain control with in-office turbine replacements, offering exclusive LubeFree technology, to ensure readiness and maximum performance are always within reach.

Aeras Dental Compressor

Aeras RAMVAC Air compressor from DENTALEZThe Aeras Compressor from Ramvac uses cloud-based technology and 24/7 monitoring to create a constant connection between the practice and the service organization.* This connectivity ensures that when an issue arises, the information needed to resolve it is relayed to a technician in advance to help prevent downtime.

Practices using the web application can benefit from DentalEZ's new Smart Scheduling feature that allows them to preset the equipment operating schedule and conserve power. Even if a procedure runs late, the system can automatically detect the usage and prevent an automatic shutdown.

Under the hood, the Aeras Compressor is intelligently designed with onboard sensors that actively monitor PSI, ambient room temperature, tank temperature, humidity, motor temperature, and voltage. On a more technical level, the unit is designed with dual desiccant dryer technology that prevents bacterial growth by storing air at a dew point of -40º; rocking piston design that reduces noise while doubling the life of the compression rings; and a high-pressure option that is ideal for practices that run a milling machine.

The Aeras Compressor is also protected with an optional 8-year extended warranty*, an industry best, according to DENTALEZ.

The Takeaway

In the short term, implementing the latest technology for your handpiece and compressor can help prevent costly maintenance and downtime. In the long term, this technology can make you future-ready for new possibilities down the road.

Are you ready to future-proof your practice and truly work smarter? Learn more about the Aeras platform at
*When subscribed to monitoring service.

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