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Stepping into the Matrix


As a result of the complexities involved with the placement of composite resin in the posterior dentition, developments in matrix system technology have emerged, such as improvements in matrix design and interdental separation techniques. These innovations have allowed the dentist to achieve the most advantageous proximal contact surfaces and anatomically correct contours—so important for optimum form and function of the dentition as well as for stimulation and protection of the periodontal complex. 

- Owens B, Phebus J. An evidence-based review of dental matrix systems. Gen Dent. September/October 2016


But what should you look for in a matrix band when looking to purchase? Here are what DPS evaluators said were the most important factors they consider:

  • Ease of use, placement, and removal
  • Band strength and stability
  • Anatomical contour
  • Tightness of contacts


And here are some of the products that have been making waves in the matrix bands category on the web site.


Triodent V3 Ring

The Triodent V3 Ring system, by Ultradent, is an ingenious modification of this device. Instead of a single tine to create the wedging force, they split it into a 'V' creating space for a wedge right through the middle. They created a sectional matrix that is anatomically contoured.

FenderMate System

FenderMate from JS Dental offers a unique solution for obtaining good approximal contacts for Class II restorations by combining a wedge and sectional matrix in its design. The 1-piece wedge and matrix features optimal matrix curvature that can be placed in only 5 seconds. The flexible wing separates the teeth and firmly seals the cervical margin.

Burton Bands

The BurtonBands Anterior Matrix System allows practitioners to predictably and efficiently perform Class III and IV restorations of any size or shape. The BurtonBands matrix is ready to use right out of the box with no adjustments necessary. The wedge and matrix band integration allows practitioners to place the wedge and band in one step


Visit our matrix systems category to get the most up to date product information.

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