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Stop Guessing About Abutment Cuff Heights & Angulations


Working with a company that listens to your needs can make all the difference. And that’s what happened when PREAT Corporation developed the Cuff Height & Angulation Tool Set.

PREAT received several calls from dentists asking how best to measure tissue cuff height and abutment angulation to determine what angle multiunit or esthetic abutment they need. In response to those calls, PREAT created a tool that serves both purposes. To determine the cuff height for any type of abutment, you place the tool on top of the implant platform to measure the height. if you’re working with a multiunit abutment, you insert the tool on top of the hex to measure the cuff height and use the protractor arm to determine the angulation.

The end result is the ability to order the correct parts and pieces right off the bat without needing to reorder because of inaccurate measuring, which in turn means that the practice works more efficiently and patients are happy with their final treatment. The tool has been very well received. You can see reviews here.

Watch this video to learn more about the Cuff Height & Angulation Tool Set.

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