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Superb, Versatile, Predicable Single-Bottle Adhesive


Superb Universal Adhesive from Apex Dental Materials is a universal single-bottle bonding agent. It combines the etchant, primer, and bonding resin into one step, and one bottle. Superb has been shown to be consistent, easy to apply, and have little to no technique or postoperative sensitivity. Superb Universal Adhesive can be used in all classes of direct and indirect restorations, including: to seal enamel or dentin before restoring with light-cure or self-cure composite material; bonding light-, self-, or dual-cured composite cements, or glass ionomers, or resin modified glass ionomer cements; to bond CEREC restorations; to desensitize hypersensitive teeth or exposed root surfaces; to desensitize crown preps; to seal preparations before placing amalgams; and for bonding crowns, bridges, post and cores, and veneers. Reducing inventory and treatment time with this one-bottle solution is a cost savings, plus saves both the clinician and the patient valuable time. For more information, click here.


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