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Reliable Pain Relief with Centrix’s Latest Temporary Filling Material


Reliable Pain Relief with Centrix’s Latest Temporary Filling Material: Tempit-E

Centrix' Tempit-E sealing material2020 has been a year of adjustments. Particularly in the spring, many patients in need of emergency dental care received short-term solutions due to practices’ limitations caused by the pandemic. While the strength and quality of permanent restorations is the primary focus when updating material inventory, special attention must be paid to temporary restorative materials, as well. Specifically in painful cases, temporary treatment should not only prioritize stability but also provide immediate relief of patients’ discomfort.

The latest release on Centrix’s line of temporary filling materials, Tempit-E is comprised of the original Tempit formula with the addition of eugenol, a pain-relieving ingredient especially useful in cases of reversible pulpal inflammation. Small quantities of eugenol diffuse through the dentin to the pulp, exerting anti-inflammatory and local anesthetic effects that facilitate healing.

“When we need a temporary that is easy to place on a sensitive or ‘hot’ tooth until we can do more treatment or get the patient to a specialist, Tempit-E delivers as promised,” said Peter Schott, DMD, in his DPS evaluation.

Convenient Delivery

A temporary filling and sealing material that can also be used as a liner, Tempit-E features pre-filled, single-component cartridges that provide a no-mix delivery—eliminating the possibility of spatulation and a mess cleanup. The delivery system, which consists of a 0.35-gram, unit-dose tip that enables precise distribution into the prep, also evades cross-contamination that can occur when dealing with jars and large bulk tubs. In addition, because the material is moisture activated, it sets in 5 minutes, expanding slightly to seal out microleakage and bacterial ingress.

Dr. Bilyana Tesic, who noted that many temporary cements often take too long to mix, was impressed with Tempit-E’s delivery. “With pre-filled capsules, there is no mixing needed, no mixing pads, no spatulating, no guessing the right consistency, and no cleanup—it practically does all the work for you,” she stated.

Request a demo of Tempit-E or any Centrix product. Visit their website or call 800.235.5862 to learn more.

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