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The Attachment System Worth Getting Attached To


Universal Plunger Loc Attachment System from Preat Corporation

Universal Plunger Loc Attachment System The Universal Plunger Loc attachment system, designed and manufactured by PREAT Corporation, is a win-win for the patient and clinician alike.

At first look, you can see that this popular overdenture bar attachment provides rigid retention and prevents posterior lift. But there is much more to love about the Universal Plunger Loc.

From a patient perspective, the Universal Plunger Loc provides a confident, reliable and seemingly fixed prosthesis solution. When engaged, the prosthesis will not lift off from bite force. However, because the system can easily be disengaged, it won’t hinder daily hygiene tasks. Plus, the patient can easily maintain the device. This ease of use can help prevent complications for the patient like tissue inflammation, infection and even bone loss.

Additionally, the system’s design does not pose any social or dietary limitations, which goes a long way in terms of patient satisfaction.

What’s more, patients also will like that the prosthesis has an optional flange. This flange can restore youthful facial esthetics as well as eliminate concerns about smile lines.

From a dental professional’s perspective, the Universal Plunger Loc attachment system may seem similar to competitors’ systems. However, the Universal Plunger Loc’s compatibility gives it some advantages. The system can be used for new fabrications of bars of any thickness and height, including Hader Bars, and even for older competitor products that have significant wear in the retentive area or require restorative components that are no longer available.

To further enhance its compatibility, the Universal Plunger Loc comes in one size and can be cut to the desired length, based on the acrylic’s thickness. This also prevents the ordering or stocking of unnecessary components. This efficient design will save you both time and money.

Learn more about the Universal Plunger Loc Attachment here or call 1-800-232-7732.

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