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The Importance of Temporary Cements


While the term “temporary” might suggest a “throw-away” option, when it comes to temporary cements, they are anything but. Temporary cements, also known as provisional cements, are used for fixation of provisional indirect restorations prior to the cementation of a definitive restoration. Applications mainly include provisional crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays. Sometimes temporary cements are also used for more permanent or long-term evaluations of restorations in order to gauge long-term periodontal and pulpal health.

Despite their indication for short-term use, temporary cements can have far-reaching effects on procedural outcomes and patient experience. In fact, patient oral health and the overall success or failure of the final restoration largely hinges on the effectiveness of these luting agents.

Temporary cements have a vital, three-part role in the restorative process. Firstly, they protect the pulp from harmful bacteria and thermal effects. Next, they maintain the positional stability of a provisional restoration, and lastly, they play a part in function and esthetics. Poor temporary cement choice and possible premature dislodgement of the temporary restoration can compromise esthetics and functionality causing undesirable appearance and sensation for patients. Moreover, these materials can potentially traumatize the tooth, undergo microleakage, or cause open margins due to intraoral solubility, which can lead to infection or post-procedural hypersensitivity. Tough-to-remove temporary cements can also affect the definitive restoration as microscopic remnants on tooth and preparation surfaces may interfere with bonding.

The ideal temporary cement must possess the retentive strength to keep the provisional restoration in-place while also being easy to remove and clean-up. NexTemp® by Premier Dental is one such product, as it creates firm, lasting retention, yet allows easy removal. Designed to offer predictable results at an affordable price, NexTemp is the only eugenol-free resin formula with potassium nitrate, chlorhexidine, and fluoride, which has been clinically proven to reduce post-operative sensitivity. This unique formula creates a tight seal around margins eliminating microleakage and “wash out.” Available in an automix syringe, the material handles well and provides great retention with minimal application alongside two-stage curing and easy clean-up. NexTemp will not interfere with final cementation and is compatible with resin-based temporaries, making it a simple and reliable option.

To learn more about NexTemp and order the product for your practice, visit Premier’s website.

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