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The Next Generation of Flow


Beautifil Flow Plus® X

Beautifil Flow X from Shofu Dental Though today’s market offers a diverse array of restorative options, it can be difficult to find a singular product that is not only easy to work with but can quickly and reliably produce dynamic, life-like results. Shofu Dental Corporation, a leading manufacturer of dental materials and equipment, aims to exceed expectations with the introduction of Beautifil Flow Plus® X. Like its predecessor, the award-winning Beautifil Flow Plus, Shofu’s next-generation restorative offers exceptional versatility, strength and esthetics with newly enhanced handling and polishability.

A bioactive injectable nano-hybrid resin, Beautifil Flow Plus X incorporates Shofu’s acclaimed ion-releasing Giomer chemistry. As a result, the material releases and recharges fluoride and five other helpful ions. These ions have been clinically proven to support the reduction of secondary caries, postoperative sensitivity and plaque build-up.

Beautifil Flow Plus X also delivers great radiopacity, light transparency and shade reproduction. These properties create a chameleon effect as the restoration blends seamlessly with natural dentition. Featuring 400nm Surface Pre-Reacted Glass (S-PRG) filler particles and a stable surface glass ionomer, Beautifil Flow Plus X offers improved mechanical properties. The patented nanofiller particles likewise enable effortless polishing of restoration surfaces for a sustainable, high-luster finish and wonderfully realistic esthetics.

An extremely versatile material, Beautifil Flow Plus X can be used as a base, liner or final restoration. Possessing formidable compressive strength (358 MPa) and flexural strength (120 MPa), the material can withstand high-stress loads on the occlusal surface and marginal ridge. Beautifil Flow Plus X likewise ensures low water sorption and shrinkage.

Suitable for class I–V restorations of anterior and posterior teeth, Beautifil Flow Plus X is available in two self-leveling viscosities—F00 (zero flow) and F03 (low flow). Though subtle, the differences between these two viscosities open the door for dynamic handling across a range of indications. F00 features excellent shape retention and stackability for occlusal morphology restoration without slumping. F03 provides more flowability and adaptability, making it ideal for lining cavity floors, filling small occlusal cavities and placing cervical restorations.

Beautifil Flow Plus X will neither stick nor ooze at the end of delivery. This makes it easier to attain precise material placement for more accurate direct restorations.

To learn more about Beautifil Flow Plus X, watch a product video and order materials for your practice, visit Shofu’s website.

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