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There is No Such Thing as a Forever Chair


The Brewer Company recently conducted a survey among dentists and hygienists to ask what they look for when purchasing a dental stool. One of the most common aspects mentioned as “very important” was comfort. Comfort may be a matter of preference, but considering the best ergonomics for working in a dental operatory all day is not. Using the right dental stool or chair is the only way to cover both bases with confidence.

People come in millions of sizes. Sizes change over time, too. The same stool or chair is not likely to last a lifetime, or even a decade. This makes it important to reassess your seating needs over time. Now consider the millions of sizes patients come in, which requires making adjustments on practically an hourly basis to accommodate those individuals. There have been plenty of studies on the effects of poor posture on health, as well as the longevity of productive and pain-free careers. That’s why it is also important to purchase adjustable seating for dental operatories. The Brewer Company offers chairs and stools created to accommodate various sized users that can be adjusted to work in an infinite variety of treatment situations—while covering every ergonomic concern at the same time.

Dentists, dental assistants, and hygienists with shorter or longer torsos, arms, and legs need to be able to simply and easily adjust the height of their dental stool from patient to patient and to accommodate fatigue throughout the day. Some people like armrests, some like chairs with lumbar support. Some want traditional-style seats, others want split seats or saddle seats. Some are concerned with compression, others with the muscles that are used to move around all day. That’s why having the largest range of choices, designed with proven ergonomics and functionality in mind, based on years of clinical research on healthy posture, musculoskeletal disorders, chronic pain-causing tasks and positions, and customer satisfaction, has been the mainstay of the Brewer Company’s series of stools and chairs. One size never fits all—or forever.

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