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There is No Such Thing as “Free”


You know how tempting advertising can be. It can make you buy things you normally wouldn’t, or more things than you planned, against your own better judgment. Once I convinced myself to adopt a dog because it came with a free crate (and all kinds of psychological issues! All resolved over time with lots of love!). Dog crates are expensive, so I was drawn into getting two “free” things. So I've learned the hard way that “Free” isn’t always a good thing.

If you’re thinking of buying new operatory equipment, don’t be sucked in by the “free stool” or chair type of “special.” It might be tempting to consider that stool a bonus, one less thing to pay for—but the fact is, you’ll pay in the long run using a stool or chair that is not ergonomically designed exactly for the type of work you do and the long hours you put in. Your backbone is literally the backbone of the practice. It can’t go on without you, and you can’t go on if you hurt yourself sitting in the wrong kind of chair for any length of time.

The Brewer Company offers chairs that help stave off musculoskeletal disorders. The quality of materials and the innovative designs of stools such as the 135DSS Series of split-style saddle-seat stools, and the 9200 Series of neutral posture stools with pressure-reducing HybriGel Foam, will keep you comfortable, support your back and breathing, help maintain your core strength, and offer optimum range of motion throughout the day.

The Brewer Company's ergonomic stools protect your body and prolong the life of the practice. There is no such thing as “free,” especially when you consider “consequences.”

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