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Tool Trio Should Be Your Pick for Restorations


Patients never see some of the most important tools in a dental restoration—but they do benefit from their use.

Directa uses the most advanced technology to create innovative restoration products that perform well, hold up during a restoration and are comfortable for the patient to ensure the best possible outcome for clinician and patient alike.

Three of those products are the FenderMate, FenderWedge and FenderMate Prime.

FendFenderMate, a pre-curved, one-piece sectional matrix and wedge, can be placed buccally or lingually. This quick, safe and predictable combo tool for composite restorations helps you get the tight contact and cervical sealing you’re looking for.

The maxtrix of the FenderMate extends from the base of the wedge to just above the occlusal surface, while the side facing the adjacent tooth has an angled wing. The wedge is color-coded for left- and right-side placement.

While inserting the FenderMate, the wing presses the matrix against the preparation. The matrix has a pre-contoured indentation that mimics the natural contours in the mouth.

FenderMate comes in four sizes: regular right, regular left, narrow right, narrow left.

FenderMate isn’t the only tool that can make a big difference in the ease of your restoration preparation.

According to Directa, 70 percent of adjacent teeth incur some kind of damage during a Class II preparation. The FenderWedge, which combines a steel plate and plastic wedge, protects teeth and the gingiva from bur damage so you can easily apply a matrix. For optimal use, secure the FenderWedge with waxed floss.

You can see a video of FenderWedge on Dental Product Shopper here.

The FenderWedge comes in four sizes, x-small, small, medium and large.

Meanwhile, the FenderMate Prime combines a preparation shield and matrix for pediatric patients’ primary teeth. The boat-shaped tip protects the gingiva and reduces bleeding risk. 

FenderMate Prime is available in two sizes, long and short. The longer version is bendable, the shorter version is more rigid for easier use in tight spaces.

For more information on Directa’s catalog of restorative products, visit

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