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Treatment Planning Using Preat's Overdenture Bar Attachments


Treatment Planning Made Easier with Preat's Overdenture Bar Attachments

Treatment planning for an edentulous patient can seem like an overwhelming task as no two patients are the same and each present with their own challenges. Factors such as interocclusal space, dexterity, hygiene, bone quality and quantity, smile line, and patient expectations help the restorative team select the best treatment modality.

There are many options when choosing restorative prosthetic connectors. No single attachment system is designed for all patients. Each attachment has its indications and contraindications, or strengths and weaknesses, to consider when treatment planning.

For example, for a patient with a flatter, pancake-like ridge, an overdenture bar attachment would be preferred since it would provide more prosthesis stability than a stud attachment. Bars have the secondary benefit of splinting the abutments together, which helps to protect weak implants and are often indicated in softer bone of the maxillae.  Bars can also accommodate extremely divergent implants. An overdenture bar provides between 60% (resilient) and 90% (rigid) of functional capacity. However, an overdenture bar does require more interocclusal space, costs more, and increases patient hygiene requirements.

Attachments may be rigid or resilient, with a hinge, rotational, sagital, or vertical movement. Bar attachments can be offset when vertical space is a challenge, such as the Universal Plunger Loc, Sagix, or Vertix attachments. Given the space, the bar attachment can be on top of the bar like a Clix, Locator, or Ceka attachment. And there is always the option of direct retainers such as a Hader Bar or Dolder Bar attachment.

Still have questions about treatment planning with overdenture bar attachments? This is where your personalized technical specialist at PREAT comes into play. 


Ceka Attachment BarDolder Bar Attachment Hader Bar Attachment Locator Bar Attachment Universal Plunger Loc Bar Preci-Clix Bar Attachment Preci-Sagix Attachment Preci-Vertix Attachment Bar

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