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What Patients Might Like to Know about Universal Composites


I like to ask dentists questions while they are working on my teeth and love it when they explain things to me. Initially, they are surprised when I inquire about something, but then it becomes routine for them to just start talking about what they are doing, how the materials work, why they use this one or that one. It’s almost like it’s a relief for them to share details with someone who cares. I think todays more educated, curious patients would enjoy being told more of the details about procedures and products being used during their appointments.

Take universal composites, for instance. They don’t really need to know that after years of research there are now composites that are both esthetic and strong enough to be used for either anterior or posterior direct restorations, but they might like hearing that they will match the surrounding teeth so well no one will even know they had dental work done. Explain that this is partly because so little tooth structure is removed, compared to traditional restoration preparations, as well as their chameleon effect and polishability. Talk about how composite is as strong and wear resistant as enamel, yet flexible enough to prevent fracture. Let them know that the material will resist staining similar to natural teeth, and that it will be releasing fluoride into the underlying cavity, which will be recharged by their using fluoride-containing toothpastes (if it’s that kind of composite).

Patients will undoubtedly notice and appreciate the long-lasting esthetics whether they had a cavity filled or a chipped tooth repaired. Their universal composite restorations will be out of sight, out of mind at the end of their appointment, and they might just become a bit of a dental geek!

Looking for the right one for you? Check out the latest and greatest on our universal composite material category page.

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