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When It’s Time to Put an O-ring on It


When is an O-ring your go-to? When, as a clinician, you’re dealing with compromised restorative space, patient budget, and hygiene and dexterity concerns, a stud attachment may be best for the case. Many of those cases, especially when it involves an implant, endodontically treated tooth, or crown, may benefit from the use of an O-ring attachment.

O-rings offer clinicians many benefits, including resiliency that protects the implant and abutments, specifically implants in weaker (maxillae) quality of bone or post-copings on weaker teeth. They also offer shock absorption and range of function (O-rings are a Class 6 and allow movement in any plane). O-rings are commonly used for mini-implants because of the minimal titanium to bone contact.

O-rings also are easy to maintain and are a low-cost option for attachment, features that both clinician and patient appreciate. Plus, their design provides comfort and security for patients.

PREAT Corporation offers a variety of O-rings. Different cases will require different sizes. The PREAT website offers a sizing chart, but if you’re limited on time to take measurements, PREAT also offers an O-ring combo pack, which comes with 10 rings—two rings in five different sizes. You can try each size until you find the one that fits.

However, it’s important to understand the kinds of cases that O-rings are not ideal for. They do not correct abutment divergence (for which PREAT recommends a Shiner Magnet). They also do not provide different retention options to customize the fit to the patient (for which a Locator from PREAT may be ideal) or provide a patient pleasing audible click (which can be accomplished with PREAT’s Clix Ball abutment). Knowing these nuances will help you use O-rings when they are right for the case.

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