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Why ACTIVA BioACTIVE-RESTORATIVE Is Ideal for Bulk Filling


Bulk filling using traditional composites presents several unique challenges for dental practitioners. A few of the most common issues include gaps, sensitivity, microleakage, wear, chips and cracks due to the brittle nature of the material, and restoration failure. Pulpdent’s ACTIVA BioACTIVE-RESTORATIVE provides a clinically proven solution for these challenges.

Bioactive materials, unlike their traditional counterparts, play an active role in the mouth, helping stimulate apatite formation at the material-tooth interface. ACTIVA BioACTIVE-RESTORATIVE’s patented rubberized resin resists wear and mimics the physical properties of teeth. In addition, ACTIVA BioACTIVE-RESTORATIVE offers a fast, simplified syringe technique that helps prevent voids and bubbles.

The dual cure chemistry of ACTIVA BioACTIVE ensures complete depth of cure with very little shrinkage. The bioactive material resists wear and intimately adapts to the tooth, creating a durable seal against microleakage. 

Many university studies have measured and proven the toughness, wear resistance, and strength of ACTIVA compared to leading composites, glass ionomers, and RMGIs. By using ACTIVA BioACTIVE-RESTORATIVE, dental practitioners will have the resources necessary to give their patients the rapid, quality results that they deserve.

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