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You Don’t Need a Calset Warmer…Or Do You?


Are you using a flowable composite? If so you may not think there’s much value to using a calset warmer, such as AdDent’s, to warm universal resin composite before using it on a restoration. In fact, you might have one of the following reactions to the idea.


“I’m getting the same viscosity using a flowable.”


Heat accelerates polymerization, so a heated composite has a faster cure rate making the polymerization harder and with less shrinkage than their flowable counterparts. Flowables also have a lower filler percentage, which creates a weaker layer in the restoration. The AdDent Composite Calset Warmer has three temperature settings, the highest of 155 degrees being the best for warming composite. Additional settings can be used to warm local anesthetic or porcelain veneers.


“The result with a flowable is comparable.”


A warmed composite is more pliable, giving you more flexibility to create an ideal restoration. Plus, once the composite is cured, you’ll get less microleakage and a stronger result, a finding backed by multiple pieces of research.


“I don’t want to waste composite if I’m not using it all right away.”


With the AdDent Calset Composite Warmer, you can leave composite in the compule for up to eight hours without causing premature polymerization of the composite. Composite can be warmed, then cooled several times without changing the properties of the composite.


“I don’t have time to wait for composite to warm up.”


Warming up composite doesn’t take long at all. The unit requires 10 minutes to initially warm up, and once it’s warmed, you only need to place a compule in the unit for three minutes. Plus, warmed composite cures more quickly, so you’ll be saving time on that element of the restoration.


Plus, if you’re looking for even more efficiency, you’ll want to check out AdDent’s new Multi-Tray. With it, you can simultaneously warm a compule in a dispenser gun and two placement instruments. The Multi-Tray also holds and warms four extra compules and two syringes.

“I’m using flowables in different shades. I need flexibility.”


AdDent’s new Calset 3D Tray will warm compules in three dispenser guns at once, giving you three shades of warmed composite. The tray also holds and warms four extra compules and either a finishing instrument or syringe.



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