GINGICaine® Plus: Try a FREE Sample

GINGICaine® Plus: Try a FREE Sample

GINGICaine Plus is a topical anesthetic gel formulated with 14% Benzocaine, 2% Butamben, and 2% Tetracaine Hydrochloride gel to provide fast and effective pain relief. Relief is immediate with a rapid onset of 15 to 20 seconds and lasts up to one hour. Its longer duration of action frees the dentist from any potential rushing. Each syringe allows the clinician to deliver GINGICaine Plus gel into directly sulcus where it is needed and won’t numb the patients’ whole mouth. With a pleasant artificial banana flavor and free from any artificial coloring, patients do not taste any bitterness nor have to worry about any allergic reactions to artificial dyes.

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GINGICaine® Plus and GINGICaine® One

GINGICaine® Plus and GINGICaine® One

Introducing GINGICaine Plus and GINGICaine One, the newly developed topical anesthetic gel extends anesthesia duration up to one hour by including two additional anesthetic ingredients to the formulation.

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