Reader's Choice 2020

Published Date 08/26/2020

DPS Readers' Choice 2020 Award

Dental Product Shopper Readers' Choice 2020

In a nationwide survey, we asked the readers of Dental Product Shopper to identify their go-to products in virtually every major category of dentistry. Here, we showcase a sampling of your most-loved solutions.

In the recent absence of in-person events such as trade shows, study clubs, and live training sessions, staying in contact with our peers is more important than ever—especially as practices across the country are aboard the same flight to safely navigate the ongoing pandemic.

There’s good news to share—nearly 500 dentists, hy­gienists, and assistants took part in our annual DPS Readers’ Choice survey to weigh in on the top-tier, go-to products they use to provide preventive, restorative, and cosmetic treatment to their patients.

Jason Pujo, DMD
"I usually do my anterior cases over 2 visits, and since my CAD/CAM system is laptop-based, I can do the design work in the comfort of my home."
-Jason Pujo, DMD


If you're looking to make a product change, you'll want to hear what these readers have to say. But no matter how you research new products, there's probably a key underlying reason why a product you've trusted for years is getting traded out in the first place. Maybe it isn’t living up to its expec­tations—for example, it’s not fast enough, it’s too difficult to use, or leads to poor clinical outcomes. For Dr. Jason Pujo, who practices in Dracut, MA, the reason was a bit more obvious.

“A couple years ago, my compact milling unit died. It would function sporadically, but after 3 attempts at diagnosis, it was found to have developed an issue caused by old age and could not be repaired,” he shared.

So, after months of thoroughly researching 2 leading CAD/CAM solutions and asking his peers about their ex­periences—not to mention the pain of reverting back to conventional impressions for single-unit crowns—Dr. Pujo decided to choose a new go-to system. Now, he thoroughly enjoys using the Planmeca Emerald scanner and Planmeca PlanMill 40 S to mill same-day single-unit IPS e.max crowns and crownlays for his patients.

“The PlanMill is excellent and produces amazingly precise restorations that fit fantastically,” he said. “And, coupled with the precision of the Emerald scanner, they rarely need any adjustment out of the mill.” Choosing this CAD/CAM system, in particular, also has allowed him to expand into anterior res­torations, such as milling veneers, 3-unit anterior bridges, and replacing old porcelain-fused-to-metal and zirconia crowns.

“I usually do my anterior cases over 2 visits, and since my CAD/CAM system is laptop-based, I can do the design work in the comfort of my own home. The truly open system that Planmeca offers allows me to send out my scans to any lab, and then re-import a design for milling,” Dr. Pujo added.

Whether you’re like Dr. Pujo and considering your op­tions for CAD/CAM dentistry, or simply searching for a new composite, handpiece, or intraoral camera, finding out the products your peers rely on to provide quality patient care is as good a starting point as any.

Although the survey-winning products span dozens of treat­ment categories, we’ll highlight a sampling of DPS readers’ top picks for software, equipment, and cosmetic treatment, while offering the full list of winners online.


From website design and patient communication to digital hubs that tie the patient journey together from check-in to follow up, the software we use on a daily basis to get patients in the chair and run an efficient practice has evolved dramatically over the past several years.


DENTRIX SoftwareFor example, while Henry Schein One’s Dentrix has been streamlin­ing dental office operations for over 30 years, the practice management software has evolved alongside tech­nology to offer not only electronic billing, insurance claims, and patient questionnaires, but also the ability to initiate patient imaging from within the software in just a few clicks.

From tools for patient schedul­ing and insurance claim tracking to paperless charting and digital image manipulation, Patterson’s Eaglesoft features an Advanced Imaging Win­dow that allows users to acquire, save, and enhance digital x-rays.

CS Softdent SoftwareCarestream’s CS SoftDent offers a unique Practice Central feature that provides custom views for team members to see their critical day-to-day tasks—such as which patients need medical history updates or who has an upcoming high-dollar-value appointment.


ProSites offers dental teams the flexibility to choose from an extensive library of over 200 pre-designed den­tal websites—including pre-written content, educational videos, contact forms, and more—or create their own practice vision with a fully customiz­able website.

Officite SoftwareOfficite gives practices the freedom to make content and layout changes quickly and easily, or to stay in their comfort zone and send content to a skilled design team for updates.

For those making the first plunge into practice marketing, The Online Practice offers a Basic Package that comes with a choice of over 150 website designs, mobile optimization, an e-commerce store, professionally written content, and unlimited customer support.

Where do DPS readers go to research new products

Lighthouse 360 Software PATIENT COMMUNICATION

Just one of many Lighthouse 360 fea­tures, Patient FastTrack allows patients to complete new patient registration forms, including customizable questions and edit­able patient agreements, on their smart­phones within minutes.

A robust patient relationship manage­ment solution, Solutionreach offers fea­tures like two-way text messaging, online scheduling, secure telehealth appoint­ments, electronic billing, and customizable digital intake forms.

Weave patient communication softwareWeave allows the dental team to send patients Google or Facebook review requests with the click of a button, and then verifies the reviews are automatically posted online. Weave Payments, a full pay­ment processing solution, offers multiple contactless payment options.


Where would we be without our trusted handpieces, cameras, and loupes? These small yet mighty workhorses help enhance diagnostics, illuminate the oral cavity, and speed up restorations in a way that allows us to focus on quality patient care.


Midwest Stylus Plus HandpieceHandpieces in KaVo Kerr’s SMARTmatic series feature ceramic sliders within the clamping system for secure handling, rust-free, stainless-steel construc­tion, and an internal spray transmission to the Sprayclip for a quick changeover of instruments on all motors.

Dentsply Sirona’s Midwest line of air-driven handpieces includes the Midwest Stylus Plus, which features dynamic speed control in the head to help maintain cutting power while protecting against excessive speeds that can cause premature bearing wear.

Weighing just 32 grams, DentalEZ’s Solara QT is equipped with sound-dampening technology and lightweight control, as well as a small head size for easy access and maneuverability. It offers 18 W of power to quickly and precisely cut through tooth structure.


ELECTROmatic dental handpieceAn air-to-electric conversion system with a dual-motor option, KaVo Kerr’s ELECTROmatic can be used with both high- and low-speed handpieces in the same procedure without having to discon­nect and swap out devices.

NSK’s lightweight yet powerful Ti-Max Z line of electric handpieces includes the Ti-Max Z95L, a 1:5 increasing handpiece with proprietary Dual Defense technology that prevents oral fluids and contaminants from entering the handpiece head or being sucked back into the waterline.

Dentsply Sirona’s Midwest E electric handpiece system offers an ideal balance of power and control during high-speed, low-speed, and endodontic procedures. An advanced touchscreen interface allows users to adjust speed, rotation, torque limit, and autoreverse.

CS 1500 intraoral cameraINTRAORAL CAMERAS

The DEXcam 4 from KaVo Imaging combines high-definition imaging with innovative acquisition software for highly detailed show-and-tell images that re­main clear even when enlarged.

Carestream’s CS 1500 offers true autofocus, a wide focus range, and high image resolution of 1,024 x 768—allowing clinicians to easily view even the smallest cracks, caries, and lesions.

Making chairside intraoral imaging, case presentations, and treatment proposals easier, MouthWatch allows users to easily capture and share live streams or store and forward diagnostic images, videos, and documentation.


Orascoptic’s TruColor technology enables headlights in its Spark, Endeavour, and XV1 product lines to render colors more natural to sunlight, while its loupe options include the OmniOptic, which uses a magnetic anchor built into the carrier lens of the frame to accommodate 4 magnification powers ranging from 2.5x to 5.5x.

Micro LoupesThe LED DayLite WireLess Mini from Designs for Vision weighs less than an ounce and features a modu­lar design that clips onto an existing pair of loupes. Powered by a single rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it illuminates the oral cavity with 27,000 lux of neutral white light.

SurgiTel features 3 lines of ergo­nomic loupesMicro, Compact, and PrismPro—that offer through-the-lens and front-lens-mounted options, as well as customizable features that promote an ideal fit and safe neck postures.

Weighing just 2 grams, the Featherlight LED Headlight System from Ultralight Optics offers 8 to 16 hours of battery life and features a natural warm beam of light designed for full illumination of the oral cavity.


Cosmetic dentistry has taken off in recent years, with the average patient willing to shell out greater sums for cosmetic treatment options to make their smiles whiter, straighter, and/or more visually appealing.


KoR Max Whitening Clinically proven to whiten up to 8 shades in one visit, Philips’ Zoom WhiteSpeed uses advanced blue LED light-accelerated whitening and the option of 3 lamp intensity settings to address patients’ individual sensitivity and stain levels.

Ultradent’s Opalescence Boost optimizes in-office whitening with a unique chemical activator, dual-sy­ringe chairside mixing, and red color­ing to aid in placement and removal. The 40% hydrogen peroxide gel produces ideal results in approximate­ly two, 2-minute applications.

Evolve’s KöR MAX combines at-home whitening with one in-office visit to deliver ideal results to the widest range of patients. Whitening takes place at home for 2 weeks with 16% carbamide peroxide followed by an in-office KöR 34% Dual-Activated, Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide gel.


Opalescence Go Tooth WhiteningUltradent's Opalescence take-home whitening gel features potassium nitrate and fluoride to help maintain enamel health throughout the whit­ening process. The gel can be used day or night and comes in 2 concen­trations and 3 flavors for maximum treatment flexibility. Opalescence Go, which is delivered in prefilled, dispos­able trays that comfortably mold and adapt to any patient's smile, offers a convenient, ready-to-go whitening solution. The gel delivers dramatic re­sults in as little as 15 minutes per day.

Offering 5 different formulations that can be recommended to patients for take-home application, Philips’ Zoom NiteWhite and DayWhite systems pro­vide superior whitening results using high-potency gels and custom-molded trays.


ClearCorrect AlignersComfortable, virtually un­detectable, and easy to put on and take off, Align Tech­nology’s Invisalign aligners use proprietary SmartTrack material and SmartForce features that are clinically proven to achieve 75% more predictable tooth movement.

After receiving a dentist's prescription for custom aligners that in­cludes digital impressions and photos, ClearCorrect creates 3D models of the patient’s teeth and designs a treatment plan of gradual adjustment to achieve an esthetic smile.

A full-service clear aligner solution from Dentsply Sirona, SureSmile features robust treatment planning tools that enable doctor-controlled tooth movements, simulations, and alternative treatment scenarios in real-time.

Reader Spotlight

William Simon, DMDA graduate of Southern Illinois University, William Simon, DMD, practices general dentistry in Chicago, IL. He is an active member of the ADA, the Illinois State Dental Society, and the Chicago Dental Society. In addition to the relationships he holds with his patients and dental team, Dr. Simon is passionate about mentoring new dentists and improving access to care for those most in need.

What are the top 5 factors you consider when investing in a new technology?

1. Quality of care

2. Return on investment

3. Staying power

4. Position on Adopter's Curve

5. Manufacturer reputation

Doctor's Go-to products: theracem, and ultra-etchWhich factors are most important when evaluating a restorative material?

Reliability, durability, ease of use, handling, and to a lesser extent, cost.

Do you tend to stay loyal to the materials and equipment you use?

There are so many dental manufacturers producing equipment and materials of equivalent quality. So, for me, the loyalty I have to a particular manufacturer often transcends to the products themselves. I am much more dependent on the relationships I have with these companies and the level of service that they provide than anything else.

How do you stay up to date on new products and technologies?

There are so many ways to communicate nowadays that I wonder if we are actually communicating at all! To stay well-informed, I try to keep my ears to the ground and my eyes forward, while relying on print and digital trade publications, peer reviews, manufacturer and dealer sales reps, trade shows, blogs, dental social media groups, and podcasts.

And the List Goes On...

Curious about what DPS readers choose as their go-to composites, adhesives, curing lights, milling units, cements, or power scalers? Here’s the full list of winning products, which span virtually every product category in dentistry:

Impression Materials – Alginates

Dentspy Sirona - Jeltrate

Ivoclar Vivadent - Accu-Dent

Patterson - Algitec


Impression Materials – VPS

Dentspy Sirona - Aquasil

3M - Imprint 4 VPS

Kettenbach - Panasil



3M - Scotchbond Universal

KaVo Kerr - OptiBond



Glass Ionomers

3M - RelyX Luting

GC America - FujiCEM 2

GC America - FujiCEM Evolve


Cements (Temporary)

KaVo Kerr - TempBond

Premier - Next Temp

3M - RelyX Temporary



3M - RelyX Unicem/Ultimate

Kuraray - PANAVIA

Dentsply Sirona - Calibra


Bioactive Materials

BISCO - TheraCal LC

Dentsply Sirona - Dycal

Pulpdent - ACTIVA


Universal Composites

3M - Filtek Supreme Ultra Universal


Dentsply Sirona - TPH Spectra ST


Flowable Composite

3M - Filtek Supreme Ultra Flowable

Dentsply Sirona - SDR flow+

Shofu - Beautifil Flow/Beautifil Flow Plus


Bulk Fill

3M - Filtek Bulk Fill

Dentsply Sirona - Surefil SDR flow+

KaVo Kerr - SonicFill


Core Build-Up

Dentsply Sirona - FluoroCore

Pentron – Build-It

Premier - CompCore



Kulzer – Gluma

Zest – MicroPrime G

Tokuyama – Shield Force Plus


Curing Lights

Ultradent - VALO/VALO Grand

KaVo Kerr - Demi Plus

Ivoclar Vivadent - Bluephase Style



AMD Lasers - Picasso Plus/Picasso Lite Plus

Biolase - Waterlase/Waterlase Plus

DenMat - NV Microlaser


Caries Detection

KaVo - DIAGNOdent

KaVo – DEXIS CariVu

Carestream - Logicon



Zyris - Isolite /Isodry/Isovac


Kulzer – Ivory ReLeaf


Electric Handpieces

KaVo Kerr


Dentsply Sirona Midwest


Air Handpieces

KaVo Kerr

Dentsply Sirona Midwest

DentalEZ/Star Dental


Digital Impressions

Dentsply Sirona - Omnicam/Primescan

Align Technology - iTero Element

3Shape - TRIOS


Chairside Milling

Dentsply Sirona - CEREC MC/MX

Planmeca - PlanMill 30 S/Planmill 40 S

Glidewell -


Intraoral Cameras

KaVo - DEXIS DEXcam 4

Carestream - CS 1500

MouthWatch Intraoral Camera



Dentsply Sirona - Galileos

Dentsply Sirona - Orthophos

Planmeca - Planmeca ProMax 3D/Viso



DEXIS - DEXIS Platinum/Titanium

Dentsply Sirona - Schick

Carestream - RVG 6200


2D Imaging

KaVo/Gendex - GXDP 300/GXDP 700

Dentsply Sirona - Orthophos XG

Carestream - CS 8100

Planmeca ProMax 2D




Designs for Vision

Ultralight Optics




Designs for Vision




Global Surgical


Carl Zeiss



Practice Management Software

Henry Schein One - Dentrix

Patterson - Eaglesoft

Carestream – CS Softdent


Website Design



The Online Practice


Patient Communication

Lighthouse 360





Nobel Biocare


Zimmer Biomet




Nobel Biocare

Zimmer Biomet


Whitening - In-Office

Phillips Oral Healthcare - ZOOM!

Ultradent - Opalescence Boost

Evolve - KöR Whitening


Whitening – Take-Home

Ultradent - Opalescence PF

Ultradent - Opalescence Go

Phillips Oral Healthcare - NiteWhite ACP/DayWhite ACP


Clear Aligners

Align Technology - Invisalign

ClearCorrect - ClearCorrect

Dentsply Sirona - SureSmile


Prophy Angles

Young Dental - Vera

Young Dental - Young Classic

Henry Schein - Acclean Disposable


Prophy Paste

Dentsply Sirona - Nupro

Premier - Enamel Pro

Preventech - NEXT


Prophy Handpieces

Dentsply Sirona - Midwest RDH

Dentsply Sirona - Nupro Freedom

Young Dental - Young Hygiene Handpiece


Power Scalers

Dentsply Sirona – Cavitron

Hu-Friedy - Piezon

Coltene - Biosonic Suvi

Henry Schein - Acclean Ultra


Varnish (In-Office)

Ultradent - Enamelast

Colgate-Palmolive - PreviDent

3M - Vanish 5% NF

Dentsply Sirona - Nupro Fluoride



3M - Clinpro

Ultradent - Ultraseal XT Plus/XT Hydro

Dentsply Sirona - Delton Sealants


Eaglesoft 17
Patterson Dental
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