Clean & Boost for Long-term Restorative Success

Published Date 10/03/2019


Dr. John Kanca III


Dr. John Kanca III

Clean & Boost

All-in-one cleanser, etchant, and disinfectant increases bond strengths to improve long-term restorative success 


Clean tooth surfaces are critical to long-term restorative success, because any contaminant left on the tooth can prevent the adhesive from properly penetrating and sealing the restoration. If the adhesive cannot penetrate the tooth, the bond strengths will suffer and may lead to a compromised restoration in terms of marginal integrity, seal, overall strength, and durability.

The onset of single-bottle bonding systems also has created a glaring need for better preparation of the tooth surface before delivery, as many selfetch cements and adhesives lack the ability to thoroughly prepare enamel. This lack of etching can lead to stained margins, microleakage, and accelerated marginal wear.

Boosting the Bond

Apex Dental Materials’ Clean & Boost is a 3-in-1 aqueous cleanser that etches and disinfects the tooth prior to bonding. It was initially created to address the shortfalls of single-bottle adhesives, but Apex quickly discovered that its unique chemistry could enhance all types of bonding protocols. “Vista Dental’s Clean & Boost was designed to remove contaminants from the surface of a tooth before the bonding protocol—significantly improving marginal integrity and bond strengths,” said Nicole Chartier, Associate Product Manager for Vista Dental Products.

During the preparation of a tooth, the surface can become contaminated with a wide variety of decontaminants, including tooth debris, temporary cement, bacteria, blood, saliva, handpiece oil, or imaging powder. Clean & Boost acts to lift, dissolve, and ultimately eliminate these contaminants, creating an ideal surface for bonding.

“Clean & Boost is a unique product developed to provide a quick and highly effective method of decontaminating the prepared tooth,” said noted lecturer Dr. John Kanca III. “The cleanser is alone in its formulation and is highly effective at removing contamination, because it offers a way to remove both organic and inorganic debris.”

Because Clean & Boost is completely rinsed from the tooth surface after use, it is compatible with all other dental materials—including various generations of adhesives and cements—creating a properly prepared enamel surface and an ideal starting point for the restorative procedure.

“I use this product many times a day because of its myriad applications and effectiveness,” said Dr. Kanca. “Clean & Boost is a product that can be used in virtually every operative procedure and is a great asset to restorative dentistry.”

Top 4 Uses for Clean & Boost:

•Cleansing dentin and enamel surfaces

•Removing imaging powder from all surfaces 

•Disinfecting tooth surfaces

•Etching tooth structure for improved adhesion and long-term results 

Clean & Boost
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