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Published Date 07/10/2019


Key features:
Captures an entire upper jaw in
under 30 seconds; perfect focus
up to a depth of 20 mm; movable
widescreen touch display.

Alan Howard, DMD
Encino, CA


“With Primescan, it only took
about 10 scans for me to learn
how to use the camera. As long
as our preps are well designed
with visible margins, the software
will automatically mark margins
and give us an accurate design
proposal. Primescan is my fourth
CEREC unit, and it is the perfect
vehicle for manufacturing CAD/
CAM restorations. It is amazing!”
As the world’s largest manufacturer of dental products and technologies, Dentsply Sirona is not one to take its position for granted. In fact, the company invests about $150 million annually into the research and development of new and improved products. Each day, approximately 600 engineers and scientists go to work behind the scenes, seeking to enhance your ability to provide single-visit dentistry, reduce your chair time, improve your productivity, and, overall, offer integrated solutions that produce better clinical outcomes and extraordinary patient experiences.

Despite its complexities, this drive toward innovation can be boiled down to one simple objective: Making your job easier.

“The biggest cultural transformation that we’re going through is putting the dental professionals literally right in the middle of every single thing we do,” Don Casey, who became CEO of Dentsply Sirona in 2018, told Dental Product Shopper. The company, he said, strives to move the needle forward by focusing on the dentist and patient. “We just need to put a picture of a customer in front of every employee who works at Dentsply Sirona, because, ultimately, there is a kid we’re going to be impacting, and there is a dental professional who’s going to make that impact. If we start there and work our way back, we will do amazing things.”

Simplifying the Daily Routine
This approach is evident in the company’s latest launches. For example, SureSmile Aligners allow GPs to offer patients a variety of treatment options and price models in a single clear aligner platform. The workflow: Take a digital impression, capture a 2D image, upload patient photos, approve the treatment plan, and have aligners produced. An interactive diagnostic tool registers the digital treatment plan to the patient photo to ensure an ideal smile design.

Another example is Azento, which streamlines digital implant planning, purchasing, and delivery. The solution provides dentists everything they need for an implant treatment, including a proposed surgical and prosthetic plan, as well as all the components and instruments needed for the case.

Meanwhile, the Primescan digital intraoral scanner—launched earlier this year—enables all kinds of treatment, from single tooth to full arch. Described as the perfect starting point into digital dentistry, Primescan offers easier, faster, more accurate scanning of all dental materials and hard-to-access areas.

A Winning Formula for Evaluators
Dentsply Sirona has a loyal following among Dental Product Shopper evaluators, who collectively chose nearly two dozen products as their favorites in many of the most competitive product categories. Hundreds of dentists and hygienists who volunteer their time to review products for DPS voted in the survey, selecting Dentsply Sirona for everything from prophy and varnish products in the hygiene operatory, to restorative workhorses such as cements and composites, to technology including handpieces and imaging systems.

Orthophos XG 3D

Key features:
Hybrid unit combines 2D and 3D
x-rays with an optional cephalometric arm; standard resolution of 160 um; occlusal bite block prevents incorrect exposures

Ray A. Morse, DMD, MAGD
Panama City, FL


“My favorite thing about Orthophos XG 3D is the closed integration with CEREC. Since acquiring the unit, I’ve been able to digitally plan and place implants with confidence and precision, and my team has been able to learn so much from seeing the scans and hearing me discuss the cases with patients. Digital dentistry is a huge part of my practice, and CEREC and Orthophos XG 3D are a big part of that.”
Bob Conte, DMD, FAGD, estimates that his practice in Warwick, RI, uses Dentsply Sirona products for up to 90% of the dentistry it performs each day. “I have trusted both Dentsply and Sirona [which merged in 2016] for many years because their products are constantly of the highest quality, and that is most important for me and my patients. Now that this is one, unified company, it is the best of both worlds for me.”

Leo Huck, DDS, who has a cosmetic and family practice in Wauwatosa, WI, has been using Dentsply Sirona products since 1995 and said they’ve only improved over time.

“From a simple endodontic file to a complex scan, quality is always present,” Dr. Huck said, making note of product lines that have made his job easier and faster, and allowed him to serve his patients with greater confidence. “All of Dentsply Sirona’s latest products are great for the digital treatment workflow and are super innovative. They allow you to provide advanced dentistry.”

Here’s a look at DPS evaluators’ go-to products from Dentsply Sirona.

Digital Tools That Simplify
Digital technology has continued to revolutionize dentistry in practices around the world, with Dentsply Sirona serving as a pioneer in developing throughout its history. As the company to launch the first dental x-ray unit, introduce CEREC, and guide the development of single-visit dentistry, Dentsply Sirona continues to drive the profession forward with improved technologies each year.

Dentsply Sirona introduced digital impressions with CEREC more than 30 years ago. Over the past decade, the CEREC Omnicam would serve as a favorite among DPS evaluators, who lauded its powder-free scanning, unrivaled handling, and precise 3D, full-jaw scans in natural color. Now, the Primescan takes speed, accuracy, and usability to new levels. The Primescan’s unique technology allows for easy capturing and quick processing of more data in higher resolution for complete 3D-scan models. An increased field of view enables visualization of larger areas with fewer sweeps and with immediate precision.

Dr. Alan Howard, who practices general dentistry in Encino, CA, purchased his first CEREC unit in 2002 to facilitate same-day restorations, and continues to be blown away by its fast-evolving technology. “This is my fourth CEREC unit,” he shared. “I was so excited and impressed with Primescan that it felt like I was driving a 1964 Ford and moved up to a Tesla! CEREC brings the ‘wow’ factor to patients and is a win-win for the clinician and patient alike.”

For milling your restorations, Dentsply Sirona offers 3 milling and grinding units tailored to address individual requirements. Ideal for CAD/CAM beginners, CEREC MC offers full-contour individual tooth restorations—inlays, onlays, crowns, or veneers—with block sizes of up to 20 mm. For an expanded range of chairside treatment that includes bridges, abutments, and surgical guides, the CEREC MC X can accommodate up to a 40-mm block size. The CEREC MC XL Practice Lab uses all CAD/CAM materials—plastic, ceramic, and metal—covering the complete chairside and labside spectrum for block sizes up to 85 mm.


Cavitron 300

Key features:
Digital touchscreen technology;
easy-to-use interface; produces
less heat and requires less
water; fully rotating handpiece

Candy Long, RDH
York, SC


“My favorite feature is the
foot pedal. I love the push and
hold option along with the
4-minute continuous feature,
which allows me to relax and
focus on scaling. I wanted to try
something new and state of the
art, and this is the full package
with its excellent debris removal,
ease of use, and comfort for
practitioner and patient.”
An advanced CBCT solution with optional HD mode and a 14-second scan, GALILEOS ComfortPLUS offers easy positioning, a low dose, a large field of view with a 15-cm diameter volume, and software solutions to support individual workflows. MARS software automatically recognizes and reduces metal artifacts while the optionally integrated Facescanner plots the patient’s facial surface for a realistic illustration that makes treatment suggestions more understandable for patients.

At 33 line pairs per millimeter, the Schick 33 intraoral sensor offers exceptional image quality and the ability to manipulate images for various diagnostic needs in the Sidexis 4 imaging software. Available in multiple lengths, the Kevlar-reinforced silicon-coated cables help keep your sensor up and running. Schick 33 comes in 3 sensor sizes to suit the needs of patient and practice. All platform components are designed for compatibility and easy integration with many practice management programs, so dentists can keep up with changing requirements without having to change systems.

“My very first digital sensors were the original Schick sensors back in 2006,” said Charles Kattuah, DDS. “In 2012, I switched to Schick 33 and they’ve given me a much better diagnostic quality image than before. I have yet to see anything better than Schick 33.”

The Orthophos family of imaging systems includes 2D, 3D and 2D/3D hybrid units supplied with Sidexis 4 imaging software to deliver better, safer, and faster diagnostics. For 2D panoramic imaging, Orthophos XG 5 combines a premium tube head (0.5-mm focal spot) with a CsI sensor (0.027-mm pixel size) to generate the sharpness and clarity needed for a variety of clinical tasks. The Orthophos XG 3D merges 2D and 3D imaging and features a volume of 8 × 8 cm to perfectly match the daily practice tasks. Automatic patient positioning with the occlusal bite block ensures an efficient workflow. For clinicians seeking a safer and faster diagnosis and treatment of patients with obstructive sleep apnea, the Orthophos SL Ai 3D extraoral imaging system works in combination with MATRx plus—a sleep theragnostic developed by Zephyr Sleep Technologies— the SICAT Air software application and the OPTISLEEP appliance as an innovative end-to-end solution.

Taking Preventive Measures
Just as athletes stretch before a workout to protect themselves from injury, clinicians utilize the best preventive care products in their practices to protect patients from harmful oral bacteria. User-friendly preventive solutions, such as prophy angles, handpieces, and varnishes, give clinicians greater access to teeth for more efficient cleanings and treatments. Dentsply Sirona’s range of advanced preventive products are designed to empower clinicians to provide the care their patients deserve.

Specially designed with a wider backend and dimple grip to reduce hand fatigue, Nupro revolv Disposable Prophy Angles are available in a variety of cup options—soft, firm, brush, pointed tip, and pedo cup—for multiple clinical situations. A unique, latex-free spiral cup reduces splatter, and a slender neck and shorter head permit access to all areas of the mouth for improved visibility and maneuverability. Similarly designed and available in multiple cup options, Nupro Freedom Disposable Prophy Angles were created for use with the lightweight and ergonomic Nupro Freedom Cordless Prophy System.


Nupro White Varnish

Key features:
Takes 1–2 minutes to apply; 2-hour wear time; goes on white and dries clear; 5 flavors—caramel, grape, raspberry, mint, and bubblegum.


Julia Shin, RDH
Brooklyn, NY


“Nupro White Varnish sticks to the teeth and stays clear and clean. The consistency was just right—not too runny and not too thick and sticky. It didn’t make a mess; it was easy and clean.”
The Midwest RDH hygiene handpiece is designed to simplify the treatment experience for both hygienists and patients. A 360° cord swivel improves maneuverability and access, while specifically designed contours and a wider backend neutralize hand position during procedures for enhanced comfort. Midwest RDH hygiene handpieces have removable, autoclavable color bands so clinicians and hygienists can personalize their handpiece and increase efficiency in the operatory.

With SmartMode Technology eliminating the need for a foot pedal and potential distractions, Nupro Freedom Cordless Prophy System is designed for patient-focused, uninterrupted workflows. Hygienists can control the speed and power of the prophy cup easily by gently pressing it against the tooth. SmartMode technology allows for smooth adjustments and provides the ability to maintain a consistent speed as needed. Nupro Freedom’s cordless design erases the issue of cord drag and gives the handpiece a lightweight feel. Despite 25% more speed and power, the handpiece is quieter than traditional air-driven hygiene or low-speed handpieces.

The Cavitron family includes unit systems, specially designed scaling inserts, and ergonomic scaling handpieces to meet the ultrasonic scaling needs of any practice. All units offer advanced solutions for scaling and/or polishing procedures, including features to maximize patient and hygienist comfort, and ensure infection control—along with the benefits of magnetostrictive technology. The latest addition in tabletop units, the Cavitron 300 Series Ultrasonic Scaling System offers effortless rotation with the Steri-Mate 360 Handpiece. Its smaller footprint maximizes available counter space and the detachable and autoclavable handpiece provides assurance against cross-contamination.

Formulated for rapid fluoride release and hypersensitivity relief, Nupro White Varnish releases 7 times more fluoride in a 2-hour span and requires shorter wear time compared to other leading varnish brands. It is easy to see during application and its formula minimizes clumping, spreads easily, and leaves a uniform film suitable for a wet tooth surface. Gluten-, SLS-, and dye-free for patients with dietary concerns, Nupro White Varnish comes in 5 patient-friendly flavors—mint, bubblegum, grape, raspberry, and caramel.

“Nupro White Varnish seems to be less ‘obvious’ on patients’ teeth after it has been placed, so they are less likely to try and wipe it off,” said Twyla Rader, RDH. “The taste is pleasant and delivery is quick and convenient.”

Restoring With Greater Accuracy
From impression materials to composites and cements, Dentsply Sirona restorative products rank highly among DPS evaluators. Here’s a sampling of the winning solutions in restorative treatment.

The high algin content of Jeltrate impression materials provides for a quality impression without the excessive flow found in alginate materials with lower algin content. By eliminating excessive flow, Jeltrate impression materials allow patients a level of comfort that cannot be found in other alginate impression materials. The Jeltrate line includes Jeltrate, Jeltrate Dustless, Jeltrate Plus Dustless, and Jeltrate Chroma.


Key features:
Offers a wide tack-cure window of up to 10 seconds; provides an extended 45-second gel phase; easy cleanup

David Martin, DDS, MAGD;
Totowa, NJ


“I have been using the most recent Calibra family of cements for the past 2 years. I find Calibra Universal to offer easy cleanup and insertion with no need for a bonding agent. If one feels the need for bonding the restoration into place, then Calibra Ceram is the answer. Both materials have good flowability to allow full seating of the restoration and have given me reliable results with no temperature sensitivity."

With state-of-the-art intraoral hydrophilicity and intraoral tear strength, Aquasil Ultra+ impression material helps clinicians capture the detail they need and reduce the chance of voids and tears at the margin—the most common impression errors labs see. While the impression material is uncured, its extremely low contact angle helps ensure an accurate impression in the presence of natural hydration, so over-desiccation of the tooth prep is not necessary.

Aquasil Ultra+ is the go-to impression material for Dr. Bilyana Tesic, who practices in Monterey, CA. “Dentsply Sirona claims detail reproduction at the level of 20 microns, which are enough microns to keep my lab technicians happy and cementation appointments quick and easy. I also love the super-fast setting time of 2 minutes 30 seconds, and my patients love the mint taste.”

With a creamy feel and no-drip flow, Integrity TempGrip allows clinicians to place their best provisionals. Automix syringes with balanced base/catalyst viscosity ensure the right mix while the low film thickness offers superior luting, along with high compressive and flexural strength. Cleanup is also quick as the material comes off smoothly without crumbling.

“The Integrity TempGrip system is easy to use and the color matches are quite good. The marginal integrity is outstanding even below the gingiva, and the product is less costly than other similar products,” said Jon Molinare, DMD.

With the Calibra family of definitive cements, cleanup is easy, selection is simple, and success is inevitable. Calibra Universal’s one-step cementation means no additional etchant or adhesive and offers high immediate 6-minute bond strength. Calibra Ceram cement was formulated to ensure success with both immediate and long-term bonding for all-ceramics and CAD/CAM restorations. Calibra Veneer cement’s thixotropic nature allows for favorable handling, while try-in pastes allow for easy shade matching. Recently launched, Calibra Bio luting cement provides a good marginal seal with a naturally self-repairing hydroxyapatite layer that minimizes microleakage for improved marginal integrity.

With 24 years and over 174 million restorations placed, the TPH brand has a proven record of long-term clinical success. The key improvements in TPH Spectra ST composite were made possible by SphereTEC filler technology, Dentsply Sirona’s proprietary method of manufacturing microscaled, well-defined spherical superstructures, comprised of submicron glass. TPH Spectra ST composite offers optimized handling characteristics in both a high and low viscosity to accommodate preference and technique for placement efficiency.

SDR fl ow+

Key features:
Fills and easily adapts to the cavity during placement; self-leveling technology minimizes stress buildup; reduced risk of gap formation  during polymerization

Walter M. Davies III, DDS
Tulsa, OK


“What I like best is that SDR flow+ comes in compule form, making it extremely easy to use for my bulk-fill composite needs. What makes it different from other bulk-fill composites is its ease of placement, lack of voids, and amazing ability to adapt to tooth preparations.”
SDR flow+ is Dentsply Sirona’s self-leveling, low-stress, flowable composite that has a wide range of indications. Because of its unique chemistry and improved wear resistance, SDR flow+ material can be used in Class III and Class V restorations where a capping agent wouldn’t be used. This expands its capabilities to be used in more restoration classes than many other flowable materials. SDR flow+ can be used without an additional universal composite and in increments up to the occlusal surface. A fast and easy application technique makes it ideal when treating children.

“I am mesmerized sometimes when I am filling a deep box prep on tooth No. 2 mesial-occlusal and SDR flow+ shrinks into place and levels,” said Dr. Jeff Peifer. “It is a game changer.”

Designed to provide precision and control at the clinician’s fingertips, the Midwest Electric Handpieces allow clinicians to apply their skills to the fullest with confidence, accuracy, and efficiency. The Midwest E Electric System combines power and control for use in high-speed, low-speed, and endodontic procedures. With its touch-screen user interface, clinicians can easily adjust handpiece speed, rotation, torque, and auto-reverse without switching screens. Designed for increased visibility and deeper access, the Midwest E mini has a shorter head that allows for increased bur projection from the head. Ceramic head bearings reduce friction for enhanced bearing life and extended durability. With the Midwest E Plus, a single-piece titanium shell design reduces weight approximately 10% vs the previous generation, while providing improved resistance to sterilization processes. Midwest E Pro’s lighter design and smaller size delivers the necessary balance of power and control, while diamond-like carbon-coated bearings increase longevity.

Midwest Tradition

Key features:
Small head size for tight spots;
ceramic bearings; 1-year warranty

Tiffany Lee, DDS
Torrance, CA


​“Midwest Tradition handpieces have good weight and balance and don’t cause me hand pain or strain, unlike some other brands I’ve tried and given up on. In the rare event that there is an issue, I find them exceptionally easy to repair with the EZ Press handpiece system.”
Dentsply Sirona is committed to the development of quieter air-driven systems, without compromising performance and durability. The Midwest High-Speed Handpiece line helps ensure that clinicians deliver quality treatment in a relaxed, confident manner to achieve excellent results. The Midwest Tradition and Midwest Tradition Pro feature rotors and ceramic bearing sets that provide significant power upgrades without requiring additional air pressure. The Midwest Stylus Plus features a motor design that offers up to 30% more power than previous Stylus generations, while the unique bearing design, computer- balanced rotor, and tuned air flow work together to minimize vibration and noise for a more pleasant work environment. The Midwest Phoenix line of handpieces offers patented Dynamic Speed Control that limits free speed but does not limit power. Tuned air flow in the head manages rotor speed to help protect bearings and limit noise generation, even at higher psi.

Aligning With the Patient
To meet the growing cosmetic demands among patients worldwide, Dentsply Sirona now offers the streamlined, full-service approach of SureSmile Aligners. The clear aligner system is powered by a robust, clinically driven digital treatment planning platform that ensures the clinician is in control of treatment. Using the advanced capabilities of the software and clinical expertise of the SureSmile Techno Center, each aligner is custom developed to the clinician’s treatment plan, and anatomically designed to the patient’s facial photo for ideal smile design. Clinicians who were previous users of MTM Clear•Aligners will be transitioned to SureSmile Aligners by 2020.

Staying Ahead of the Curve
As the dental landscape continues to evolve, clinicians can depend on the scientists and engineers of Dentsply Sirona to remain a step ahead, striving to help them overcome their daily challenges and get the solutions they need for more efficient and productive practices.
Dentsply Sirona
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