Oral Care That Prevents Cross-Contamination

Published Date 07/28/2020


Oral Care That Prevents Cross-Contamination

Three patient-friendly, single-use Centrix products offer safe and convenient unit-dose delivery for optimal infection control inside and outside the operatory

As practices across the country recover from temporary closures during the COVID-19 crisis, many clinicians are realizing that “business-as-usual” is no longer a reality to strive for—budget changes, dental team trainings, and amplified infection control protocols are all on the agenda now. As your team juggles these new realities, it is important also to consider how the delivery systems we use to provide preventive care or postop relief have evolved to better align with increased infection control.

Centrix offers a full product portfolio of high-quality, unit-dose solutions designed to eliminate the risk of patient-to-patient contamination. Using individually packaged oral care products is not only convenient for the dental team, but shows patients that your practice is dedicated to their safety.

Here are just 3 examples of unit-dose products from Centrix, all of which have achieved DPS Best Product status for their safe and convenient delivery, among other criteria.

fluorodoseFluoride Treatment

FluoroDose comes packaged in a 0.3-mL, single-use LolliPack, which includes a bendable Benda Brush for easy varnish mixing and convenient swipe-on application. The material dries in seconds upon contact with saliva and remains on teeth for 4 to 6 hours for maximum fluoride uptake. Mentioning FluoroDose’s patient-pleasing flavors in her DPS evaluation, hygienist Amber Metro-Sanchez wrote that FluoroDose provided “stress-free application and a great patient experience.”

e-lieveRelief for Soft-Tissue Irritation

A topical Vitamin E treatment that soothes soft-tissue irritation, E-Lieve also serves as a moisturizer that absorbs into the tissues and reduces inflammation, as well as an antioxidant, protecting cell membranes from oxidation that can damage healthy gum tissue. The unit-dose tube packaging is not only convenient for in-office use—providers can also add E-Lieve to patients’ take-home packages after in-office treatment.

LollicaineTopical Anesthetic Gel

Another take-home option for postop discomfort, LolliCaine is available in a unit-dose LolliPack, eliminating cross-contamination from open jars and overdosing waste from excess globs of gel on exposed swabs. This 20% benzocaine gel provides rapid temporary relief during rubber dam clamp placement, local injections, scaling and root planing, and other dental procedures. “I pride myself on painless injections, and I feel this topical makes them that much more predictable,” Dr. David Fang expressed. “It is another tool to minimize any possible stress at the office.”

To further help dental practices ease back into their routines, Centrix created a resource page with upcoming webinars and CE opportunities, unit-dose products that prevent cross contamination, and the latest information on safely resuming normal patient care.


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