Evaluators' Choice: Embracing the Peer Perspective

Published Date 06/17/2020

Embracing the Peer Perspective

The results are in! Our annual Evaluators’ Choice survey reveals the go-to products and technologies that DPS evaluators rely on to provide the highest level of care to their patients.

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Every day, dentists are bombarded with new products and technologies that promise the ability to provide a higher level of patient care. Think about how often you see an ad, read an article, or listen to your sales rep talk about the latest handpiece, composite, or imaging system. But why disrupt your established workflow with a new prod­uct? Is it worth retraining the dental team? Will it live up to or break its promises?

Enter the review, a vehicle that drives nearly every decision we make—from trying out a new restaurant to buying just about anything online. In the same way you might look to a restaurant patron to comment on the quality of the food they tasted or the level of service they received, Dental Product Shopper evaluators are constantly testing all the products you’re curious about and sharing how they impact clinical procedures and outcomes.

DPS evaluator Derek M. Draft, DDS, DABFO, admits that he tends to stay loyal to a product—that is, unless another product offers a significant improvement that would make it beneficial to his workflow and patients.

“When I do consider purchasing a new material or technology, I evaluate whether it will improve my quality of dentistry, increase production, or provide cost savings. However, the impact it has on the patient experience will always supersede any other evaluating factor.”


Meeting the Criteria

Dr. Draft is among hundreds of other DPS evaluators who take part in the annual Evaluators' Choice survey—weigh­ing in on their favorites in virtually every product category in dentistry. These evaluators understand, for example, that knowing how easy it is to clean up that new cement you’ve been curious about, or how quickly a curing light can polymerize large restorations, has a significant impact on whether or not a product makes it into your operatory.

Derek M. Draft, DDS, DABFO
"The impact that a product has on the patient experience will always supersede any other evaluating factor."
-Derek M. Draft, DDS, DABFO



Acclean Ultra Power ScalerPOWER SCALERS

Hu-Friedy’s PIEZON 250 has a self-contained water deliv­ery system and features a large, ergonomic interface with fingertip control that allows users to easily toggle between 35 individual power increments.

Combining piezo ultrasonic scaling with heated subgingi­val irrigation, DenMat’s Pro-Select Platinum elevates scaling and root planing. The unit comes with a scaler handpiece, an irrigation handpiece, and 2 LED handpiece lights.

The dual-frequency technol­ogy in Henry Schein’s Acclean Ultra accepts 25K and 30K in­serts, while a hands-free boost feature provides a temporary power surge. An autoclavable handpiece sheath detaches for easy infection control.

Dentsply Sirona’s tried-and- true Cavitron line of ultrasonic scaling systems includes the Cavitron 300 Series, a reimagined unit with digital touchscreen technology that produces less heat, requires less water, and offers quieter operation than competing systems.

Young Hygiene HandpiecePROPHY HANDPIECES

Dentsply Sirona’s Midwest RDH handpiece has a 360° cord swivel to improve maneuverability and access, and a wider back-end designed for a more comfortable fit in the hand.

SmartMode Technology is at work in Dentsply Sirona’s light­weight yet powerful Nupro Freedom Cordless Prophy System. Cup speed increases as the handpiece is pressed against the tooth and automatically decreases as it is pulled away.

Young Innovations’ Young Hygiene Handpiece is designed with a contra-angled connector and a nose cone that rotates 360˚, allowing it to follow natural movement for reduced wrist and hand fatigue.


Young Innovations’ Vera line of disposable prophy angles includes the Vera Contra Petite Web. It has a 17˚ backbend for reduced wrist strain and a Petite Web Cup designed to flex and flare around tooth contours to remove biofilm.

Ultrapro Tx Prophy AngleUltradent’s Ultrapro Tx disposable prophy angle features an ergonomic shape that helps reduce hand and arm fatigue and a quiet gear design for smooth operation. It is available in Original, Extra, Skini, and Sweep angle types.

Dentsply Sirona’s Nupro revolv line of disposable prophy angles offers ergonomically designed straight and contra angle styles in a wide range of cup options: soft, firm, pedo, tapered brush, and a unique spiral cup designed to reduce splatter and improve interproximal cleaning.


GC Fuji TRIAGE3M’s Clinpro Sealant easily flows into pits and fissures. It uses smart color-change technology that allows it to go on pink for easy visualization and cure to a natural white color.

Ultradent’s Ultraseal XT Hydro features hydrophilic proper­ties that eliminate the need to dry the tooth before applica­tion and advanced adhesive technology that ensures secure bonding to enamel and reduced microleakage.

A glass ionomer sealant and surface protectant, GC America’s GC Fuji TRIAGE is a self-bonding material that seals and protects enamel while releasing fluoride for up to 24 months.

Restorative Equipment


DEXIS CariVuKaVo Imaging’s DIAGNOdent uses a laser fluorescence detector to identify fissure and proximal caries and areas of periodontitis, while healthy tooth structure exhibits little or no fluorescence.

Offering images that read like familiar x-rays, KaVo Imaging’s compact and portable DEXIS CariVu uses transillumination technology to make enamel appear transparent while porous lesions trap and absorb light.

With a few clicks, Carestream’s Logicon Caries Detector Software applies an algorithm on all eligible interproximal sur­faces within a radiograph to generate a view of existing caries and track probability changes over time.


Dentsply Sirona’s latest-generation CEREC Primescan is a dynamic-depth scanner that consolidates over 50,000 images per second for faster scanning and a smooth scan flow.

triosIntraoral scanners in Align Technology’s iTero Element family feature TimeLapse Technology that compares a historical scan to a current scan—allowing patients to visualize changes in their tooth wear, tooth movement, and gingiva over time.

3Shape's TRIOS uses Artificial Intelligence technology to remove excess soft tissue from the digital impression, while an open system design allows for easy scan sharing with labs, aligner providers, milling units, and more.


In dentistry, time is always of the essence. Saving a few sec­onds during the impression-taking process, for example, can quickly add up to smoother appointments and less discomfort for patients while in the dental chair. Check out A Unique Formula that Doesn't Waste Time.



planmill planmill 30sDentsply Sirona’s CEREC MC milling unit allows for creation of full-contour indi­vidual inlays, onlays, crowns, or veneers with block sizes of up to 20 mm, while the CEREC MC X expands treatment possi­bilities by milling and grinding bridges, abutments, and surgical guides.

A reliable and high-quality milling unit, the Planmeca PlanMill 30S is equipped with a fixed 5-station tool changer that automat­ically selects the proper tool for each res­toration, including crowns, veneers, 6-unit bridges, and hybrid abutment crowns.

Featuring exclusive milling technology used in Glidewell’s own laboratories, the fastmill.io In-Office Mill has a small foot­print that integrates easily into any work­space and a high-torque electric spindle that eliminates the need for an external air compressor.


bluephase g4Available corded or cordless, Ultradent’s VALO Grand uses a custom, multiwave­length LED to produce high-intensity light. A 12-mm lens and low-profile head allow for quick and easy polymerization.

3M’s Elipar DeepCure-S LED Curing Light offers simplicity with its 2-button operation and one cure mode for all indications. Its charging base has a built-in light intensity meter and bat­tery charge indicator.

Ivoclar's Vivadent's newest-generation Bluephase G4 uses intelligent technology to detect unwanted handpiece movement and alert users if the restoration can no longer be reliably cured.

Restorative Materials

all bond universal ADHESIVES

3M's Scotchbond Universal Adhesive offers consistent bond strength to both moist and dry etched dentin and to all indirect surfaces without the need for a separate primer.

KaVo Kerr’s OptiBond product line includes OptiBond eXTRa Universal, a self-etch, 2-component universal adhesive that utilizes the patented GPDM monomer for stronger and more reliable adhesion to tooth structure and resin materials.

BISCO’s ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL offers simplicity through its single-bottle delivery. It can be used on wet, dry, or moist tooth structure and is com­patible with all light-, dual-, and self-cured materials.


omnichroma3M’s strong and versatile Filtek Supreme Ultra Universal Restorative comes in 36 shades and 4 opacities and offers excellent polish retention and wear resistance.

Featuring Tokuyama Dental’s pro­prietary Smart Chromatic Technology, OMNICHROMA is a one-shade universal composite that esthetically matches every patient from A1 to D4 with a single shade.

Dentsply Sirona’s SphereTEC filler technology allows TPH Spectra ST to easily adapt to cavity surfaces, while enabling faster finishing and polishing and excellent stain resistance.


activa presto BISCO’s TheraCal LC is a light-cured, resin-modified calcium silicate liner with an alkaline pH that protects and insulates the pulp while releasing cal­cium to stimulate hydroxyapatite and secondary dentin bridge formation.

Offered in 2 shades, Ivory and Den­tin, Dentsply Sirona’s Dycal is a calcium hydroxide material with a rigid set that can be used for direct or indirect pulp capping and as a protective liner.

Pulpdent’s ACTIVA product line includes ACTIVA PRESTO, a light-cured composite designed to mimic the properties of natural teeth. The stack­able material features a hydrophilic resin that facilitates diffusion of calcium, phosphate, and fluoride ions.


Strong and moisture tolerant, 3M’s RelyX Unicem self-adhesive resin cement is ideal for permanent ce­mentation of all-ceramic, composite, or metal inlays, onlays, crowns, and bridges.

Kuraray’s flagship PANAVIA line of cements includes PANAVIA SA Cement Universal, which uses a unique cou­pling agent called the LCSi monomer that allows it to adhere to virtually every material without the need for a separate primer.

Ivoclar Vivadent’s self-curing and optional light-curing Ivoclar Multilink offers a strong hold when permanent­ly cementing restorations made of silicate and oxide ceramics, such as IPS e.max.


In our technology-driven marketplace, a website is a necessity if you want potential new customers to find your business. When searching for a new dentist—or any new product or service, for that matter—people now go straight to Google. So, if your practice doesn’t show up in their search results, you have zero chance of reeling them in. Read how Officite can help you build a professional website that delivers new patients.


Digital Imaging


Building on its platinum predecessor, KaVo Imaging’s DEXIS Titanium sensor captures consistent, high-quality imag­es with improved tissue contrast, while integrated SMART technology allows for motion-activated image capture.

Offering broad choices in sensor siz­es and cable lengths, Dentpsly Sirona’s Schick 33 captures consistently crisp, detailed images with an industry-lead­ing theoretical resolution of 33 lp/mm.

Carestream’s RVG 6200 intraoral sensor offers 3 anatomical image enhancement modes, a user-friendly sharpness filter with dynamic slider bar, and a newly designed reinforced cable that is 20% thinner than previous RVG sensors.


Designed to meet the extraoral imaging needs of most general dentistry practices, KaVo Imaging’s Gendex GXDP-300 combines panoramic imaging and bitewings with simple oper­ation and a compact body design.

Dentsply Sirona’s Orthophos XG 5 uses an ASTRA software al­gorithm to improve the quality of 2D panoramic and ceph imag­es by minimizing black margins around metal fillings and getting rid of excessive contrast that could lead to caries misdiagnosis.

Featuring the latest software processing algorithms, Carestream’s CS 8100 minimizes spinal column shadows and produces clear, sharp digital images that are ready to view almost immediately.

Air Techniques’ ScanX Classic uses flexible, wireless ScanX PSPs, which are 30 times thinner than wired sensors and have a 100% active surface area to capture more anatomy and deliver crisp, sharp images in seconds.


orthophos sl3dPart of the wide-ranging Planmeca ProMax imaging family, the ProMax 3D Mid is an all-in-one CBCT unit that includes 3D imaging, 3D photo, digital 2D panoramics, and cephalometry. It offers volume sizes and resolution modes to match every clinical application.

Dentsply Sirona’s Galileos Comfort Plus has an integrated Facescanner that plots the patient’s facial surface to create a realistic illustration of treatment. A versatile 2D/3D hybrid unit, the Orthophos SL 3D features a Low Dose function that produces 3D images in the dose range of a 2D x-ray, and an HD function that yields HD images with up to 80 μm resolution.

Vatech’s PaX-i3D offers 4 multi field-of-view sizes ranging from 5x5 to 12x9 and 3 ceph image size options to reduce unnecessary x-ray dosage and scan the ideal area of cranial anatomy for better diagnosis and treatment planning.


Read The ROI of Digital Restorations for more information on the glidewell.io In-Office Solution

Why the Peer Perspective Makes a Difference


andrew fundo, dmdAndrew Fundo, DMD; Forest Hills, NY “In this day and age of online shopping, there is a tremendous benefit in being able to read product reviews from hundreds of people before committing to buying a product. I became a DPS evaluator because it is a great way for dentists to be able to sort through the plethora of new and innovative products and gadgets that are constantly being developed. Having the ability to read what other real-life dentists have to say about a product has an enormous benefit. For me, it’s even more beneficial than reading the manufacturers’ claims.”

Shohreh Sharif, DDS
Shohreh Sharif, DDS; Fairfax, VA
“I became a DPS evaluator after years of reading and loving the magazine’s content. Offering insight and streamlined feedback on dental products allows me to be a direct part of the process that betters our profession. It is so important to share our experiences with colleagues, and DPS offers a platform that reaches many.”


Nathan Vassiliades, DDS
Nathan Vassiliades, DDS; Gilbert, AZ
“There are myriad new dental products being thrown at dentists with promises of fixing x, y, and z. These products are expensive, so I think that it is important to have our peers try out these products and give an unbiased opinion. With this, we can see which products will provide benefits for us as providers as well as for the patient.”  



Check out the complete list of 2020 DPS Evaluators’ Choice Survey Winners!

Impression Materials—Alginates

Dentsply Sirona - Jeltrate
KaVo Kerr - Identic Alginate & Kroma Faze
GC America - COE Alginate


Impression Materials—VPS

Dentsply Sirona - Aquasil
3M - Imprint 4 VPS
Kettenbach - Panasil



3M - Scotchbond Universal
KaVo Kerr - OptiBond


Glass Ionomers

3M - RelyX Luting
GC America - FujiCEM 2
DOXA - Ceramir Crown & Bridge


Cements (Temporary)

KaVo Kerr - TempBond
Premier - Next Temp
Dentsply Sirona - Integrity TempGrip
3M - RelyX Temporary



3M - RelyX Unicem/Ultimate
Kuraray - PANAVIA
Ivoclar - Multilink


Bioactive Materials

Bisco - TheraCal LC
Dentsply Sirona - Dycal
Pulpdent - ACTIVA


Universal Composite

3M- Filtek Supreme Ultra Universal
Dentsply Sirona - TPH Spectra ST


Flowable Composite

3M - Filtek Supreme Ultra Flowable
Dentsply Sirona - SDR flow+
Shofu - Beautifil Flow/Beautifil Flow Plus


Bulk Fill

3M - Filtek Bulk Fill
Dentsply Sirona - Surefil SDR flow+
Kerr - SonicFill


Core Build-Up

DMG - LuxaCore
Pentron – Build-It
DenMat – Core Paste XP



Kulzer – Gluma
Zest – MicroPrime G
Tokuyama – Shield Force Plus


Curing Lights

Ultradent - VALO/VALO Grand
3M - Elipar Deep Cure-S LED
Ivoclar Vivadent - Bluephase Style



AMD Lasers - Picasso Plus/Picasso Lite Plus
Biolase - Waterlase/Waterlase Plus
DenMat - NV Microlaser


Caries Detection

KaVo Imaging - DIAGNOdent
KaVo Imaging - DEXIS CariVu
Carestream - Logicon



Zyris - Isolite, Isodry, and Isovac
Zirc - Mr. Thirsty One-Step


Electric Handpieces

KaVo Kerr
Dentsply Sirona Midwest


Air-Driven Handpieces

KaVo Kerr
Dentsply Sirona Midwest
DENTALEZ/Star Dental


Digital Impressions

Dentsply Sirona - Omnicam/Primescan
Align Technology - iTero Element
3Shape - TRIOS


Chairside Milling

Dentsply Sirona - CEREC MC/MX
Planmeca - PlanMill 30S/Planmill 40S
Glidewell - fastmill.io


Intraoral Cameras

DEXIS - DEXcam 4
Digital Doc - IRIS
MouthWatch Intraoral Camera



Dentsply Sirona – Galileos
Dentsply Sirona - Orthophos
Planmeca - ProMax 3D
Vatech - PaX-i3D



KaVo Imaging - DEXIS Platinum/Titanium
Dentsply Sirona - Schick 33
Carestream - RVG 6200


2D Imaging

KaVo Imaging/Gendex - GXDP 300/700
Dentsply Sirona - Orthophos XG
Carestream - CS 8100
Air Techniques - ScanX



Designs for Vision
Ultralight Optics



Designs for Vision



Global Surgical
Carl Zeiss


Practice Management Software

Henry Schein One - Dentrix
Patterson - Eaglesoft
Carestream – CS Softdent

Website Design

The Online Practice


Patient Communication

Lighthouse 360



Nobel Biocare
Zimmer Biomet



Implant Direct
Nobel Biocare


Whitening - In-Office

Phillips Oral Healthcare - ZOOM!
Ultradent - Opalescence Boost
Evolve - KöR Whitening


Whitening – Take-Home

Ultradent - Opalescence PF
Ultradent - Opalescence Go
Phillips Oral Healthcare - NightWhite ACP/DayWhite ACP


Clear Aligners

Align Technology - Invisalign
ClearCorrect Clear Aligners
Dentsply Sirona - SureSmile


Prophy Angles

Young Dental - Vera
Ultradent - Ultrapro Tx
Dentsply Sirona - Nupro revolv/Nupro Freedom


Prophy Paste

Dentsply Sirona –- Nupro
Premier - Enamel Pro
Young Dental - D-Lish


Prophy Handpieces

Dentsply Sirona - Midwest RDH
Dentsply Sirona - Nupro Freedom
Young Dental - Young Hygiene Handpiece


Power Scalers

Dentsply Sirona – Cavitron
Hu-Friedy - Piezon
DenMat - Pro-Select Premium
Henry Schein - Acclean Ultra


Varnish (In-Office)

Premier - Enamel Pro
Colgate-Palmolive - PreviDent
3M - Vanish 5% NF



3M - Clinpro
Ultradent - Ultraseal XT Plus/XT Hydro
GC America - GC Fuji TRIAGE


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