The Air-Powered Handpiece Clinicians are Choosing

Published Date 04/13/2017

061_DPS_MAR17.jpgLightweight, titanium handpiece delivers 26 W of air-powered torque with a cartridge design that improves durability



The handpiece cut like a bat out of h---,” wrote Dr. Sylvia Irwin, leaving us to fill in the blank. It’s not every day clinician feedback begins with a classic rock reference, but that was how she described the Ti-Max Z900L from NSK. “To boot, it was lightweight and allowed good visibility. It felt comfortable in my hand and was small in size.”


product-focus_ti-max-quote.jpgThe Ti-Max Z900L is an air-driven, high-speed handpiece that delivers 26 W of power. The specially shaped turbine allows for this power output, enabling fast cutting as well as a smooth, consistent feel during use. The handpiece also features a slim neck, angled head, and unique finger and thumb notch for enhanced ergonomics and access.


For Dr. Clara Lee, who also took part in the DPS evaluation of the Ti-Max Z900L, handpiece ergonomics were at the top of her list when describing why she was extremely pleased with the product. “Other handpieces are not as light and there can be hand or finger fatigue during longer procedures, and anything that will make my life as a dentist easier or quicker is great on my list.”


Many dentists have an arsenal of handpieces they use regularly, and over time, they start to look and feel alike across different models and brands. But in Dr. Irwin’s case, Ti-Max Z900L stands out from the pack. “[With Ti-Max Z900L], I can live happily ever after in all my operatories, not just the one with the electric handpiece.”


Dr. Lee said she appreciates the NSK portfolio, with many pieces carried over from a previous practice. “In my office, I have about 15 NSK handpieces that have been around for more than 10 years, and the dentist I purchased the practice from also loved NSK handpieces, so she had quite a bunch in stock rotating between 3 chairs.”


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Ti-Max Z900L and Ti-Max Z800L Series
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