The Lighter, Cheaper, More Efficient Dental Handpiece

Published Date 04/02/2018

Lightweight, air-powered handpiece delivers excellent cutting and maneuverability

Dr. Sylvia Irwin had been planning to buy another electric handpiece when she signed on to test NSK’s Ti-Max Z900L for Dental Product Shopper. When she realized how much lighter, cheaper, and equally efficient the Ti-Max Z900L was compared to an electric handpiece—she decided to purchase 2 of them.


“I can live happily ever after in all of my operatories, not just the one with the electric handpiece,” Dr. Irwin said.


Here are some of the Ti-Max Z900L’s unique features:
Push-Button Chuck – Single-touch bur insertion and removal without the tools. A push-button auto-chuck mechanism tensions the bur grip during rotation.
Clean Head System – This patented mechanism is designed to automatically prevent oral fluids and other contaminants from entering the handpiece head.
Titanium Body – Light and strong pure titanium makes up the handpiece body, reducing hand fatigue and making sterilization in the autoclave simple.
Quattro Water Spray – Cools the entire surface of the bur with a high cooling effect and ensures lubrication while cutting.
Microfilter – Prevents particles from entering the water spray system, ensuring optimal and continuous water spray cooling.


There are plenty of reasons why 90% of evaluating clinicians rated cutting performance and maneuverability of the Ti-Max Z900L as either excellent or very good. The handpiece’s 26 W of air-powered torque made cutting outstanding, and even fun to use for some clinicians. Other evaluators discovered that it saved them time during crown preps and that the handpiece rotation eliminated uncomfortable wrist twisting. Noisy handpieces can be a burden to both clinicians and patients. The Ti-Max Z900L runs smoothly and quietly during operation with very little vibration, making it easy on the ears. A small, angled turbine head improves accessibility and reduces obstruction during treatment.

“This product performs very well and appears better built both externally and internally than my current handpieces,” said Dr. Eric Hahn. “I have used it for the simplest and most difficult clinical situations. It works well in either.”



Ti-Max Z900L and Ti-Max Z800L Series
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