Nearly 3 Decades of Benefits: Tempit®

Published Date 01/31/2012

Tempit®: Reliability and Ease of Use

Tempit provisional material has a 28-year history of reliability and ease of use.


Dentists who have been practicing for more than 20 years may remember their early experiences with 1-part, moisture-setting temporary filling materials. These materials provided a simple and good temporary seal for endodontic access cavities, but that simplicity came at a cost. Many clinicians experienced problems with shelf-life, handling, and delivery.

tempit temporary filling and seating material

Then, in 1984, along came Centrix's Tempit. Offering a unit-dose syringe tip that allowed injection directly from the package to the mouth, Tempit eliminated the cross-contamination and wasted material that was associated with competitive products sold in bulk jars or bulk squeeze tubes.

Nearly 3 decades later, Tempit still offers those same benefits. Tempit sets in minutes and is easily removed during the patient's return visit. In addition, Tempit's non-eugenol formula eliminates the clove smell associated with other provisional materials, something that many patients and clinicians complain about. These critical changes help to make Tempit a tried and true choice for many clinicians since its introduction.

In a 2009 Dental Product Shopper evaluation of Tempit, 11 dentists used the product for 4 weeks and rated several features, including ease of use, setting time, and reduced risk of contamination. They also rated their overall satisfaction with this material. Nine evaluators gave Tempit an overall satisfaction rating of excellent and 2 rated it as very good. A dentist with 27 years of experience called Tempit "by far, the easiest temporary material I've used."


4 Easy Steps

Centrix describes Tempit as very easy to use. The clinician simply follows these 4 steps:

1. Place the Tempit tip into any Centrix C-R Syringe.

2. Remove the cap.

3. Inject the material into the prep using a slow, steady pressure.

4. Tamp the material down with a wet instrument. Centrix recommends filling the prep from the bottom up to help eliminate voids and porosities.

According to the manufacturer, this technique is associated with a reduction in microleakage.

A study published by Powers and colleagues from the University of Texas Dental Branch in Houston notes that when properly prepped, Tempit has a lower degree of microleakage than other brands.

When the 11 dentists who evaluated Tempit were asked to rate its ease of use in terms of lack of prep time, ease of clean-up, unit-dosing, and direct delivery, 10 rated the material as excellent and 1 rated it as very good. Both ease of no-mix dispensing and material delivery were rated as excellent by 10 evaluators and as very good by 1. Centrix describes Tempit's unique delivery system as designed to eliminate premature hardening and contamination risks.


Making Dentistry Easier

According to the manufacturer, Tempit can be easily removed with an explorer at the patient's follow-up visit, which is in line with Centrix's stated commitment to "make dentistry easier."

Dentists are often doing double duty in their practices, managing costs, time, materials, and procedures, and performing dentistry. While a dentist is treating a patient, he or she also may be thinking about how much material is being used, and how long the procedure is taking, while also striving to achieve the best outcome for the patient.

With Tempit provisional material, Centrix provides an option that reduces costs and ensures a good patient outcome.

Centrix, Inc.
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