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A Cleaner and Disinfectant in One: SciCan’s OPTIM 33TB



SciCan has a winner with its one-step surface cleaning and disinfectant cleaner, OPTIM 33TB. Available in a spray or a pre-moistened towelette, OPTIM 33TB’s patented technology is designed to deliver better cleaning and faster disinfection results – all while combining cleaning and disinfection into one step.

One of the greatest advantages of this cleaner and disinfectant, which Keystone calls the OPTIM advantage, is its fast contact time. With a 30-second sanitizing time, a 1-minute bactericidal and virucidal claim, and a 5-minute TB claim, OPTIM 33TB will eliminate steps and save time.

Check out our DPS evaluation of the OPTIM 33TB wipes, where one of our hygienist evaluators commented, “They stay moist to cover a large area” and “I could clean a room with just a few wipes. The treatment area stayed wet for over 5 minutes.”

With an active ingredient of .5% hydrogen peroxide, OPTIM 33TB is safe, nontoxic, and environmentally-friendly. It has the lowest EPA toxicity category assigned (level 4) and does not require a precautionary warning label like other antimicrobial products.

Check out this video that highlights all the features of OPTIM 33TB. For exceptional surface cleaning and intermediate-level disinfection in a single, nontoxic, environmentally-friendly product, give OPTIM 33TB a try.

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