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Go Green with Direct Dental’s BIO Line


You probably already have some environmental friendly initiatives at your practice, such as recycling amalgam and using electronic medical records. But what about the products you use during treatment—are there opportunities to use greener options?

Directa Dental has made transitioning to some environmentally friendlier options easy, offering three new fossil-free BIO products that are not only green, but retain the same high quality as Directa Dental’s other products, so you can feel confident using them.

BIO products are made from plastic generated by raw materials like sugarcane and bamboo, both renewable resources.

The BIO line includes:

  • BIO Cups

These cups, made of bamboo, reduce the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and are an environmentally friendly alternative to your current disposable cups.

  • Hygovac BIO

Hygovac BIO aspirator tubes come in two sizes, but each has the same diameter as other Hygovac tubles, so it’s simple to swap them in. They provide the same reliable suction as the original. Hygovac BIO is made from Green PE, a biobased polyethylene made from sugarcane.

  • Hygoformic BIO

The Hygoformic BIO is the greener version of the original moldable saliva ejector with tongue holder. Dentists have used the original Hygoformic for more than 50 years, and the saliva ejector’s fossil-free iteration continues this legacy. Hygoformic BIO is also made from Green PE.

BIO products are all recyclable, and when you recycle these products, the same amount of carbon dioxide that was captured during the cultivation process is released.


Interested in learning more about these greener choices? Directa Dental will be showcasing them as part of its “The Future of Your Practice” campaign at booth No. 630 at CDA-Anaheim May 17-19. 

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