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It’s Always Mouthguard Season with Keystone’s Pro-Form and PF2


Whether it’s football season or hockey, tennis or boxing, gymnastics or volleyball, it’s always mouthguard season. In fact, during a single athletic season athletes have a 1 in 10 chance of suffering a facial or dental injury, and 5 million teeth are lost every year in sports-related injuries, according to this video from Keystone Industries

Are you doing your part to ensure that all of your patient athletes are protecting themselves from orofacial injuries? Keystone designed its custom-fit Pro-Form mouthguards and boil-and-bite PF2 mouthguards to make it easy for you to help patients protect themselves. 

Keystone’s Pro-Form mouthguards are custom-fitted for ultimate protection. After a dentist takes an impression of the athlete’s mouth, the mouthguard is vacuumed sealed around the impression to ensure a snug fit that allows the athlete to breathe and talk freely. The guards stay in place and have a consistent thickness and protection all throughout the piece. An easy to attach break-away strap and a custom-made shock-absorbing surface provide protection while the laminated material offers superior strength. Pro-form offers a wide variety of customization options, so patients can get anything printed on their mouthguard – name, jersey number, team logo, team colors, etc.  

Learn more about Pro-Form mouthguards and laminates along with the vacuum-forming equipment necessary to manufacture the guards in your dental practice or lab.

The PF2 mouthguard from Keystone is a boil-and-bite guard that fits and protects like a professionally fit custom mouthguard. Athletes can speak and breathe easily while wearing the guard and it’s dual-laminated for maximum protection. You can sell the PF2 in your office (comes in black or white) to patients who can’t or won’t pay the cost of a custom-fit guard.


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