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OMNICHROMA Slashes Composite Inventory



OMNICHROMA Slashes Composite Inventory

Omnichroma best productFor many clinicians, including Dr. Alan Pressman, shade matching used to be a very tedious and time-consuming process—at one point, he kept a total of 38 composite shades stocked in his Spring Valley, NY, practice. But adopting Tokuyama’s OMNICHROMA has slashed his composite inventory significantly, leaving him with just one material to restore all of his patients.

“For most cases, OMNICHROMA works phenomenally and matches very well,” said Dr. Pressman. “After finishing a restoration, you can’t see the difference between natural tooth color and the margin of the filling.”

Indeed, OMNICHROMA has completely transformed shade matching as we know it. At the root of the composite’s color-matching ability is uniformly sized supranano spherical fillers that allow it to match every one of the 16 VITA classical shades with just one shade—a phenomenon that Tokuyama refers to as Smart Chromatic Technology.

“I have been using OMNICHROMA for about 10 months,” shared Lance Huthwaite, DMD, who practices in Gainseville, GA. “I love the way it handles and its ability to match and blend across the board. It really simplifies inventory, too.”

A Solid Choice for Shade Stability

While OMNICHROMA has only been on the market a few short years—although long enough to earn its stripes as a DPS Best Product—clinicians are finding that it not only creates esthetic restorations, but also is strong enough to stand the test of time. In addition to blending seamlessly with any tooth shade from A1 to D4, Smart Chromatic Technology also allows the material to maintain its color match over time.

“OMNICHROMA polishes extremely well, and so far, the restorations are holding their polish and color is remaining stable,” said Dr. Huthwaite.

Before and After curing with OMNICHROMA

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