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Richmond Dental’s Purified Cotton Products Earn DPS Best Product Awards


Richmond Dental’s Purified Cotton Products Earn DPS Best Product Awards

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Richmond Dental & Medical, a division of Barnhardt Manufacturing Co., is committed to manufacturing high quality made-in-the-USA dental and medical products using all-natural, high grades of raw material, including their proprietary purified cotton.

Three of Richmond’s cotton products received DPS Best Product awards, an honor earned when everyday dental practitioners are highly impressed with the quality and function of a product. Richmond’s award-winning 100% Cotton Pellets, Braided Cotton Rolls, and 100% Cotton Nonwoven Sponges all received very high marks from dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants for their durability, moisture absorbance, and range of sizes, and for not adhering to tissue/mucosa.

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100% Cotton Nonwoven Sponges - 4.7

Earning a very high score of 4.7 out of 5, Richmond’s 100% Cotton Nonwoven Sponges are available in 3 sizes—2x2, 3x3, & 4x4 inches—to meet the needs of most clinicians.

Dr. Eric Bellis enjoyed using the medical-grade sponges for a variety of procedures and said, “The sponges are durable, and the variety of sizes is convenient for all types of dental surgery, including implant surgery, where it is important to use quality materials.”  

Highly absorbent, the 4-ply medical-grade sponge is made of all-natural cotton and is biodegradable. “100% cotton is good,” said Dr. Andrew Shuler, who was pleased that the sponges did not fray and did not leave lint behind. Dr. Lucynda Raben said, “They don’t stick or shred,” and Wendy Nato, EFDA, said, “Its absorbency is ideal!” Dr. Bellis concluded, “Richmond’s 100% Cotton Nonwoven Sponges are a high quality and reliable gauze sponge for daily use in dentistry.”

Read the full evaluation of the 100% Cotton Nonwoven Sponges.

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100% Cotton Pellets - 4.6

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. Richmond Dental & Medical’s 100% Cotton Pellets may be small in size, but they make a powerful impact in the operatory. The convenient ready-to-use cotton pellets, which received a reputable score of 4.6 out of 5 in the DPS evaluation, are useful for a host of clinical procedures like delivering medicaments, drying cavities, applying solutions, and controlling moisture.

Made of 100% purified, medical-grade, USA-grown cotton, Richmond’s Pellets are highly absorbent, will not stick to mucosa, and do not shred or fall apart. Dr. Shari Mathew said, “The small pellets allowed for isolation and a dry field,” Shahin Mahallati, DDS said the cotton surface did not stick to the mucosa, and Dr. Philip Aurbach determined, “The pellets performed well, leaving behind minimal fibers.” Made with all-natural, biodegradable cotton, the pellets are available in a range of 6 sizes.

Read the full evaluation of the 100% Cotton Pellets.


braided cotton rolls

Braided Cotton Rolls - 4.6

Richmond Dental and Medical has raised the bar with its Braided Cotton Rolls, offering a unique wicking action that provides a drier field, an innovative flexible design that produces a secure fit, and ease of removal that enhances patient comfort.  Various lengths and diameters are available for pediatric dentistry, full arch reconstruction, and whitening.

Dr. Tanya Brown praised the Braided Cotton Rolls for providing “great isolation and fluid control” and said they saved time, improved access, and enhanced patient comfort. Our DPS evaluators found these cotton rolls to be far better than adequate and rated it a best product.

Read the full evaluation of Richmond’s Braided Rolls.


Check out Richmond’s website to review their full line of dental and medical products.

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