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A Narrow Diameter for a Smoother Delivery



For implant patients who have inadequate space or anatomical conditions that prevent standard delivery, narrow diameter implants offer a minimally invasive option for fast healing

In the 1990s, narrow diameter implants were first used as transitional devices during traditional implant placement. When dental experts realized these implants were able to osseointegrate to the same extent as standard-sized implants, applications for use increased. Today, narrow diameter implants, generally under 3.5 mm, provide a minimally invasive option that benefits patients with anatomical limitations or insufficient bone.

Here are some of the top narrow diameter implants available:

3.1mmd Estetic Implant from Zimmer Biomet Zimmer Biomet’s 3.1 mmD Eztetic Implant is designed to provide initial stability, allowing immediate restorations when clinically appropriate. The conical, Double Friction-Fit Connection with platform switch, combined with narrow platform prosthetics, is designed for crestal bone maintenance and optimal esthetics.

A single-body mini-implant designed for narrow ridge applications, the MS Implant System from Hiossen is built for simple insertion and maximum stability. Compared to standard RBM treatments, the MS System increases surface roughness and morphology by 45% with early cell response and bone healing occurring 20% faster.

Hexagon Narrow Platform Implant from Dental RatioBoth the HEXAGON Narrow Platform Implant and the TRITAPERED Narrow Platform Implant from DENTAL RATIO—exclusively available from Henry Schein—are manufactured from grade-23 titanium alloy and have resorbable Blast Media textured surfaces. Offering flexibility when dealing with soft or dense bone, the HEXAGON implant features an internal hex connection that provides a secure interface between abutment and implant. The TRI-TAPERED implant provides clinicians with a predictable tri-channel restorative.

The Straumann Standard Plus Narrow Neck CrossFit (NNC) Implant features an endosteal diameter of 3.3 mm, a machined neck of 1.8 mm in height, and a narrow prosthetic platform of 3.5 mm in width. Its internal CrossFit connection provides expanded prosthetic options for treatment in the upper and lower jaw, and wherever space is limited.NobelActive 3.0 Dental Implant from Nobel Biocare

Dentatus' ANEW narrow-diameter implants can be placed in interdental spaces as narrow as 3.5mm and offer a placement procedure that is quick and usually flapless. Specifically designed for narrow-space situations, such as lower incisors, Nobel Biocare's NobelActive 3.0 is proven to preserve the critical marginal bone and soft tissue over time for natural-looking esthetics.

The sloping shoulder of the Bicon NARROW Implant enhances crestal bone preservation while providing space for the interdental papillae. These narrow implants facilitate the restoration of missing maxillary lateral incisors, as well as individual mandibular incisors.

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